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Wallpaper Engine

If you need to customize your desktop with some beautiful and attractive 2D and 3D wallpapers then Wallpaper Engine is the best option for you. Here you can Download Free Wallpaper Engine for your PC and it is also functional when your system is offline as here you will get full offline installer standalone setup of Wallpaper Engine 2020. This software is awesome this will allow you to set live animated wallpapers also. The wallpapers can be changed automatically with the time you set or set by your system.

The sole purpose of Wallpaper engine is to deliver an experience to user with a flavor of entertainment and it uses limited resources of your system. You can even stop the application or you can put the wallpaper on pause when you are using some other app. There are multiple wallpapers with multiple qualities that will suit your PC.  If you don’t find a wallpaper of your choice then switch on your creativity mood and go into your imagination and use Engine Editor for creating your own animated wallpapers from the pictures, videos and anything you have. There are a large number of presets and effects that can be applied on your wallpapers and you can share them on the Steam Workshop or you can use for yourself only.

Every person is inclined toward new and attractive wallpapers that will enhance the beauty of their desktop and generates good feeling when the users look at their desktop screen. So they are always in the search of some new wallpaper that suit their ideas and moods. So this software never let you frustrated and gives you everything of your choice and desire. This application allows you to customize your desktop with your own creations as well.

How to use Wallpaper Engine and Wallpaper Engine Workshop

There are multiple settings in this software that you must know about. The customize tab and it will let you to change taskbar colors etc for matching the animated wallpaper automatically. There is performance tab which is 3 drop down menus and it will allow you to select either to keep running animated wallpapers in full screen or not. There are some presets for low, medium and high with AA up to MSAA x8, and resolution drop down full or half, fps slider MAX 50fps, tickable.

General tab will give you option to set priority with windows, select audio input devices, adjust windows color, slide able audio for the input device, there’s also advanced options here too Direct X 11, 9 and OpenGL . This will let you to select separate images for more than one screen or stretch one image in all of them.

The most comfortable thing is the Steam Workshop; it is so impressive so you need nothing to do, just one click to move on to the new wallpaper.

Features of Wallpaper Engine

These are the features that make a product famous and popular in the public. The features of Wallpaper Engine are so much impressive that attract a lot of audience toward it so it becomes very hard for them to ignore it and pass to another. Here are some features that cannot be ignored,

Brings Desktop to life

The appearance of beautiful colors on your desktop screen and the images that will certainly give you an unending good feeling and this will make your desktop full of life when there will be fish floating in your screen and the rain drops are falling estc.

Interactive wallpapers

There are wallpapers that are responsive to the movements of your mouse, this is really fascinating.

Multiple aspect ratios available

There are multiple aspect ratios that will make things to look more beautiful. The aspect ratios are; 16:9, 21:9, 16:10, 4:3

4k quality

There is availability of wallpapers will 4k quality with full clarity and good look.

Multi monitor environments

It will give you the same feeling and experience like you are sitting in front of more than one monitor.

Wallpapers can be paused

When you are busy in some other projects or running another app or playing a game then here you can pause or stop the wallpaper and keep doing what you are doing.

User customization

User can also customize wallpapers of his own choice, and this can be done in animated wallpapers like you can make fish floating on your desktop screen or the raindrops falling down the screen etc.

2D and 3D wallpapers

There are wallpapers that are of 2D and 3D quality and these will enhance your experience also.

Steam Workshop

This is used for sharing your own created wallpapers if you want and to download any other wallpaper that you like.

Functional while Offline

Wallpaper Engine is workable during when you are offline.

 Animated wallpapers

It is one of the most attractive features of Wallpaper Engine Pack; animated wallpapers are also called live wallpapers. These will show movements on your screen.

Big catalog of live wallpapers

There is a big wallpapers catalog of which you can choose any wallpaper of your choice; there are wallpapers of every kind available here just one your click away.

Limited usage of system resources

One more thing that is very impressive is the limited usage of the resources of your PC. And it does not slow down your PC or create any kind of trouble to your other running apps.

Supports multiple video formats

This software supports multiple video formats that are available in market now a days.MOV, mp4, WebM, avi, m4v, WMV (for local files, Workshop only allows mp4).

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 (with Aero), 8, 8.1, 10

Processor: 1.66 GHz Intel i5 or of same strength

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Graphics: HD Graphics 4000 or more

Version of DirectX: Version 10

Required Storage: 0.5 GB available space

Useful information: ‘Media Feature Pack’ from Microsoft is required by Windows N versions so Aero must be enabled on Windows 7. One more thing; High contrast mode is not supported. Max video res. Of 4k is supported by Windows 8, 10 and Windows 7 supports upto 1080p.

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Operating System: Windows 8.1, 10

Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel i7 or equal to this standard

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD HD7870, 2 GB VRAM or more

Version of DirectX: Version 11

Required Storage: 1 GB available space

 How To Download Wallpaper Engine

There are a few steps to download Wallpaper Engine and you can also know about how to download wallpapers from Wallpaper Engine. Here are some steps to know about the downloading of wallpapers;

  1. First of all do click on the “Download Game” button.
    2. Download “Wallpaper Engine” Installer (Supports Resume able Downloads).
    3. Now open the Installer and Click Next and choose the directory where to install. So by doing this it will start downloading at the place in your PC where you wanted.
    4. Let it Download Full Version game with Wallpaper Engine in your specified directory.
    5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing along with the unlimited wallpapers.

Pros and Cons

Starting from the good things, the outstanding and impressive quality of this software is the availability of live video wallpapers. So the static wallpapers would not appeal those users who have used live wallpapers of Wallpapers Engine. The animated wallpapers that are usually called “live” are awesome to see and can be easily applied on laptop or desktop screens. On more positive thing is that you can also customize your desktop by using drawings or monotonous photos on your desktop so you can float a fish, moving clouds, and many other things like this.

There are some bad things and the most important of them is; the software seems to randomly take charge when it is in launching just like the game or not in steam. So there must be a setting to turn it off as it is taken for using on the computer rather to get shown in the game list. Another thing that is disturbing that when we stretch the picture over multiple screens then its quality deteriorated a little bit but it is acceptable. One worse thing is the appearance of weaboos that are poisoning the workshop with anime, loli and hentai artworks.

Final Words

An outstanding and very hard to ignore software, this has been liked by all those who love to see their desktop screen good looking. There are multiple wallpapers that will make you crazy you will fall in love with those. There are live wallpapers which are often called animated wallpapers that increase the demand of Wallpaper Engine. The options of creating the wallpapers of your own choice increase the astonishment more. There is Engine Editor that will let you to create the animated wallpapers of your choice and oyu can use photos or videos in it.

Another beauty of Wallpaper Engine is the Steam Workshop; where you can get wallpapers of your choice and can download them. There is one more option that will please you, this gives you a choice to whether you share your own created wallpapers by using Engine Editor on Steam Workshop or you can take those for yourself only.

What's new

◉ Video Wallpapers.
◉ Gif Wallpapers.
◉ Live Wallpapers.
◉ Online Wallpapers.
◉ Filter option available.
◉ Improving the performance.


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