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Sep 01, 2022
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In various places, people occasionally see the figure of beggars, who cannot work and have to end up begging for mercy from passersby on the streets. But have you even though about their mood? It’s better to be a beggar this time and see how beggars can fulfil their dreams on the streets where people come and go.

Virtual Beggar is a free standing game. At the beginning of the game, we have to give out gold coins to beggars by clicking on the screen. Once the gold coins reach a certain amount, we can start buying items! You can buy all kinds of props that can increase gold medals to make the gold coins grow fixedly, so players don’t have to keep clicking on the screen to do tiring alms.

For example, the capitalists in adventure capitalists do not have to do anything or wake up to find that their assets have risen several times. The Beggar in Virtual Beggar hides behind a pile of gold mountains and is still begging pedestrians on the street.

The game still uses a little of pure Gameplay, but the point of Virtual Beggar is how to help a beggar enter the circle of successful people. It will plan his future life to be better. Eventually, he will have his wardrobe, pets, house and company.

He can still buy spaceships. These little games always help us realize our desire to work, save and purchase or to achieve the biggest and most unrealistic fantasies with the least effort.

Virtual Beggar APK MOD for android_ arcade Clicker survival with elements of strategy. This game will correctly show you much you are adapted to unforeseen turns of fate, your stress tolerance and your ability to make fateful decisions. This is the story of a homeless person who, by coincidence of life circumstances, has slipped to the bottom of the social ladder. You must help him to return to a healthy life.

The game begins with simple steps. You must help the character find food and a place to sleep. There are many options: steal, look for a side job, ask for alms in transitions. The most important thing is not to lose heart and understand that you will achieve everything if you preserve towards your goal. Look for any opportunity to earn and buy a piece of bread or clothing. You will be forced to answer for your actions, solve everyday problems and try to go everything right.

Download Virtual Beggar MOD APK, with a lot of money MOD. He will help you at first in the acquisition of food, clothing, housing and more. So your main character will be able to stay a float for a while. MOD does not guarantee that you can immediately become a wealthy person or a magnate. It would help if you also moves towards your goal, working hard and proving to others that you deserve better life.

Remember that all resources are spent very quickly, especially if you are mindlessly spending finances on unnecessary things. Save money, open a small business, expand boundaries, earn more and start living as you always wanted. The game is presented in pixel Design, but this gives the Gameplay a unique atmosphere. Help a beggar to survive in this world and become a wealthy person.

General Information

Virtual Beggar is a unique game divided into three stages: begging for money, investing and squandering. After spending it all, asking again and again. You must help the Virtual Beggar in your mobile phone to get rid of poverty and make a fortune, collect charity from passersby, train workers to complete Higher tasks, and unlock random events and secrets.

In the game, there are sometimes gifts from heaven, which can give the protagonist a lot of money or experience points in a short period. As for the experience value, the protagonist can upgrade and the upgraded protagonist can unlock more purchasable items.

As long as the protagonist has enough money, you can even hire employees to help themselves. Each employee’s personality and good at being different, and the money he earns is also different. But as the working hour’s increase or train, our staff can also upgrade and make more money for you.

If the players are influential in gambling, they can also use the virtual credit card to scratch fun. And the virtual credit card can also speed up employee’s work, rest, training, time etc. As for where is such a useful credit card? You must wait for pedestrians on the road to throw it to you!

As the game progresses, player’s money will increase. You can even buy pets to increase pity, buy glamourous clothes to dress up, or also purchase motels and other buildings. The game is famous for carrying out more diversified development.

If you think it’s too dull, you can also find characters that can be challenged in mini games in the library in the game.

Background Story:

Virtual Beggar is story of a beggar counterattack. The game uses a popular pixel style as the screen. The player has to play as a poor beggar in the game.

Help the beggar get rid of poverty, make a fortune, and collect passersby. Of charity, train workers to complete higher tasks, unlock random events and secrets.

In the casual game Virtual Beggar, the player has to act as a beggar to beg around until you have to do nothing but still earn money. The player must help make money and buy things to attract the rich’s eyes to earn more money.

There is a conveyor belt at the bottom of the beggar screen. Players can accumulate combos and increase the income of gold coins by clicking on the screen when the gold coins are transported to the yellow square.

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Keep clicking on the screen and can also get coins. But in this way, there is no combo and no addition. There are also some useful or harmful things on the conveyor belt.

The useful advice that can help to collect gold coins and the harmful ones will hinder the player. Occasionally, there will be some extra surprises on the Beggar’s screen. For example, some cars like to get more after clicking Gold Coins, or there are many surprises, such as rewards for the thief to catch him.

According to the gaming community, Virtual Beggar will force you to become a legend in the virtual world, so how do you become a king of beggars? In the next section, we show up to teach you the secret of begging. Are you ready?

Interesting Gameplay:

Players can use the function column to upgrade the skills of beggars, buy pets, enter a new area or buy beggar’s clothes etc. As the level increases, the cost will become higher and higher.

After leaving the game, they will continue to earn money and upgrade more beggars. Beggar’s skills can be used too much; just click on the skill icon to activate the skills. After us, it will enter the cool down. If you want to use it again, you can only wait for the cool down to end.

Virtual Beggar’s players need not spend too much time on the game, as long as you remember to enter the game regularly to harvest things, you can get money. There is a limit on the amount of offline accommodation, and it does not make much sense to leave the game for too long( for example, not open for 24 hours).

The events in the game are triggered randomly, but we must open for a period. If you do not encounter an event, it means that they have not opened competition long enough.

Installation Process

  • Click on the download button and wait for the downloading process gets completed.
  • Now go to your download folder and open the downloaded file
  • Now click the install button and wait for the installation completion.
  • Now go to your home page, there will be an icon of Virtual Beggar MOD APK.
  • Open it and enjoy.

Additional Information:

  • App Name: Virtual Beggar MOD APK
  • Genres: Casual
  • Version: 33
  • Developer: Treetop Crew
  • Requires: 1
  • Size: 40M
  • MOD features: Unlimited Money

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Virtual Beggar MOD APK is not too glossy, not too pretentious, and not from a famous game publisher. Virtual Beggar is not the best game in its field, but it has achieved what it deserves.

However, with its unique gameplay and ridiculous Storyline, it is a game that should not be missed in the line of relaxing or killing our leisure time.

Are APK files are safe?

Disregard any rumors or a site that says otherwise. APK files are generally as safe as an .exe windows PC file hence, the most important thing to note is that you should always download it from trusted sites. You generally do not anything to worry download it from trusted sites. You generally do not have anything to worry about as we have provided some of the safest sites in our APK download mirrors below.



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