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November 4, 2021
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Smashy Road: Wanted is one of the best racing games out there. There are around 90 plus superb cars for you to unlock and use during the course of the game. There is no time to stop because if you do then you shall be caught. You can also race through grasslands, deserts and all other exotic locations so that you never get bored.

You are driving a car and you hear the siren blowing behind you. You cannot stop so you push the accelerator when harder. But that is not the easy way out because the cars behind you do the same. In such an adventurous and suspense filled environment, you realize that you are being chased or you are “wanted”. There is no thing more fun than experiencing a car chase and how do I know this? Because I have tried the game “Smashy Road”.

Enjoy fun and relaxing hours with the latest title in the famous Smashy Road: Wanted franchise from Beatbit Studios. You will be experiencing endless cop chases packed with intensive racing and actions. Find out more about the game in our comprehensive review.

To get more information and interesting information about this amazing game Smashy Road: Wanted MOD APK keep reading this article.

Story Behind the Game:

The game features a vast collection of playable modded apk store maps, where you, the player is in control of your ride in a furious chase with the cop. Use all your cunning skills to avoid being caught and get rid of them. You will be riding to all types of terrain including dessert sand, asphalt roads, or even endless green grasses.

Moreover, there is also a huge collection of different cars for you to choose from. In additions, the game also provides certain upgrades for your rides, making them more capable of dealing with the pursuing police. With simple graphics and smooth Gameplay, the game is playable on most of your Android devices. In additions, the interesting and addictive Gameplay makes the game a must have if you’re looking for quality entertainment.

The game is extremely fun and exciting to play, especially when you get to the later stages. There would be more police tailing you and your vehicle also get better upgrades, making them extremely powerful. Here are a few awesome features that we think you would love.

Outstanding Features Of Smashy Road: Wanted MOD APK

Intensive And Fun Racing Experiences:

The game features a fun and exciting racing experience that resemble both GTA and Need for Speed styles. You’ll be controlling your pixilated vehicle cruising through different maps that feature completely different environments.

With the polices chasing after you, quick decisions must be made to order to escape their pet suit. Make sure you do it quickly before a whole company of militaries. On top of that, as you progress in the game, there will be the special force, SWAT, Tanks, and even military jets at your tail.

Large Collection Of Unlock Able Vehicles:

And to be able to deal with the opponents, you’ll need modded apk store to get yourself a large collection of different vehicles to help you deal with critical situations. You can gain access to these rides by simply progress in the game. In additions, they can also be purchased early, giving you a head start before the others. Up till now, there are already over 90 different vehicles and the number is expected to increase in the later updates.

Randomly Generated Maps:

The fun and unpredictable factors with Smashy Road are its randomly generated maps that you can never memorize, no matter how long you have been playing the game. This allows for a completely fresh and exciting experience when starting the game since you’ll never know what would hit you. The unexpected elements also give the game good replay values.

Exciting Secret Locations:

Did we just take about the unexpected? Well, in Smashy Road: Wanted players are able to gain access to awesome secret locations that are also randomly generated on your map. Hence you’ll always have that excitement whenever starting a new game, since you’ll never know if you’ll encounter a secret location and make a fortune out of it or not? With that being said, even when you have played through map for dozens of time, there might still a chance of discovering valuable loots.

Compete In the Online Leader Boards:

And to show your progression as well as bragging about your modded apk store skills and achievements with others, you can create your Smashy Road: Wanted account and join other players in a worldwide network. There will be an online leader board to show your progress and ranking compared to others. In additions, you can also check your Facebook friends who are also in the game.

Friendly Pixilated Graphics:

We find the pixilated graphics extremely intuitive and friendly, thus making the game relatively playable for people of all ages, even small children.

Free to Install:

Another good thing about this game is that it comes with a completely free price. You can find and download the game on your Google Play Store, and the installation would just take few seconds. However, the game does come with some in app purchases that might cost you a little bit of money. And if you don’t want to the purchases, you must spend a lot of time playing through levels to save enough gold to buy items and boosts.

Awesome MOD Version:

If you don’t like the in app purchases, you can try own version of Smashy Road. The installation is quite simple and you can easily get the app from our website. Just go to our site and locate the Smashy Road: Wanted MOD APK, then download and install the file on your devices. Once you have done that, you can gain access to unlimited money and all unlock able cars for a much more entertaining experience.


The game features a large collection of different maps, each with their own signature design. For example, you’ll have the endless desert with swamps of sands, broad and green grasslands, a city packed with vehicles, buildings, and crossing roads. And as mentioned before, the game come with pixilated graphics which give little burden to your hardware. Hence, the modded apk store is relatively playable regardless of your devices. However, it doesn’t mean that the graphic is bad, in fact, the game comes with sharp and crisp graphics. The colors are also vivid and clear. On top of that, the game also run quit smooth and not many lags are recorded even in crowded chasing scenes.


The in game music always maintains a good tempo regarding what’s happening on the screen. For example, when you are not in a chase, the music is quite soothing and peaceful. However, when the police start noticing you, the music suddenly becomes faster and intimidating.

On top of that, the sound effects are also realistic and detailed. You can even hear the sounds from your tires change when going on different terrains. The policies, SWATS, armies and likewise all come with good sound effects.

Installation Steps for Smashy Road: Wanted MOD APK

  • Click on below download link to start downloading
  • Tap on yes and the download process will begin.
  • After the downloading is finished, you will be taken to the installation page.
  • Tap on install and the android device will finish the installation process of Smashy Road MOD APK.
  • Now go to your homepage. Their will be an icon of Smashy Road: Wanted MOD APK.
  • Open it and enjoy.

File Information:

  • App Name: Smashy Road: Wanted MOD APK
  • Genres: Racing
  • Version: 4.3
  • Developer: Bearbit Studios B.V.
  • Requires: 1 and up
  • Size: 69 MBs
  • MOD features: Unlimited Money


  • The game has a lot great visual and sound which makes the gaming experience much better and more real life like. There is no fun in experiencing a car chase when you cannot listen to the sound of wheels scraping and the sound of the engine roaring.
  • All the unique unlocked cars have their own unique set of features. So the game allows you to continue to hunt for the perfect car which has the desired set of abilities which match your personalities. Smashy Road: Wanted allows you to take the best car and bring your a game right from the beginning.

The features mentioned above are something which can make any gamer satisfied. But if you are still not convinced, the next section which shell be talking about the Smashy Road: Wanted MOD APK will make you go and download this apk today.


Smashy Road: Wanted game allows you to be a part of a breath taking car chase where you can use 90 plus unlocked cars and drive through random changing environments. The game has stunning visuals and awesome sound features which gives the game a unique gaming experience. The download link works well for every user including those who cannot use the Google play store and guarantees an access to the latest working version of Smashy Road MOD APK.

What's new

- localizations added (Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish)
- more legendary deals added
- bug fixes



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