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The tech era shifts our dependency on the internet with all the possible risks of data stealing and privacy breaching. If we think out of the box then still there are things which we can avail to prevent all of these possible issues. Majority of the people don’t have any idea that file-sharing is even possible without having an internet connection in an ingenious and secure way. In this article, we are about to share about an app called “shareit” which is file-sharing, and you will absolutely love it. 🥰

Before diving into details, let’s have a brief introduction about file-sharing history which have a lot of variations over time. The file-sharing has a vast history which we don’t know as it has been started from 1898 when the system was manual, and people use to have all the documents manually. Edwin G. Siebels, was the first person who invented the vertical filling system for the very first time to protect the data. 🛡️

From this era till 1970, offices use to have the filing cabinets which use to have different colours and pockets to store them in order. Over time, the style to store the data was a change as tri-tab file cabinets with a range of different envelop placing in cabinets. Later on, the storage method changes a little bit and put the photos on the files to have a better idea when it comes to knowing file data about buildings. The major drawback of this method was that you have to go through the piles of the files to reach the desired file. 📁

The physical file handling was the mess somehow as the person should be trusted and loyal to the company, but no doubt this was the best way to interact with different people face-to-face. In the very next era, the technology starts getting famous among the stakeholders, and they start shifting their work from a man army to the machines. At the initial stage of computer advancement, the data storage was not easy to deal with, but it was quite better than the previous methods. 😊

In that era, the file-sharing was not like today we do in a very easiest and handy ways. People who owned the computer in 1970s used to share files via computer to computer, but later on, in this year the UseNet was created by Tim Truscott and Jim Ellis. At first, UseNet was used by the people for news sharing in different groups, but file-sharing wasn’t the part of Usenet, but with the passage of time, the file-sharing become the part of it. 📤

This was all about the online world but getting back to the physical world when the invention of the floppy disk, which was used to transfer the data from one person to another in an 8-inch, then 5.25-inch floppy disks. In 1980’s the FTP was invented, and people were able to share their files by using this protocol to their trusted fellow. This invention was the first one which was allowing the users with the same type of network to share the files of any kind.

In the 1990s the internet was on its peak, and file-sharing was the significant concern people were getting crazy about. This invention was the flood in the digital market as the file-sharing was the task which anyone could do in a simple way, but soon the undesirable effects of file sharing via the internet was common, and people were not happy about. In data stolen cases, people become bankrupt and hackers grab their money online. These sorts of situations are still the biggest concern for online data sharing people. 🗄️

The majority of the victims included gamers and the people who have more interaction online than the others.  If we go back, we can say sharing files via some physical object such as floppy disk was the much better idea than having an online connection and serving your data to the bad boys. There were some cases in which people even stole data from the floppy disks which later turned into another side of the floppy disk. The physicality of floppy disks was a question mark when they get ruined with a minimum problem like dust. 😷

The internet was again the game-changer by providing different pop-up programs for file sharing. Privacy breaching was something which is still a bone of contention, and still, we don’t have enough means to get over it. BitTorrent was the problem solution as the main purpose of this was connecting more than two computers so that the downloading speed could be managed by downloading the massive file in parts on different devices. With the passage of time and technology advancement, mobile phones become the most common means of file sharing. 🎲

There are several apps available for file sharing in the digital market which support different platforms, and most of them support multiplatform. Before using any of them, make sure they don’t breach your privacy and save your files for the illegal use. In this article, we are about to disclose the fantastic app for file sharing, which is 100% safe and easy to use for multiple platforms. ☔

It’s time to dive into details so you could enjoy this great file sharing app.

What is Shareit App?

You might have heard many times that your government is spying you and collecting your data for some purpose. This won’t be pleasing for you as well, so stop putting yourself on risk and start using something which could secure your data from the online data sharing. Shareit latest version is a file-sharing app which can change the entire scenario for you. File sharing has a broad definition and includes several types of files which can be shared even without having an internet connection.⛓️

Different platforms supportive nature of shareit apk is an astonishing feature of it which has increased its market value as well among the users. You can share your files from android to pc, ios to pc, pc to pc and from many other devices to your device. The Bluetooth technology is outdated now, and you should give it a try as it has the speed of sharing is 20 MB/sec. You cannot only share your files without having the internet connection but also there a wide range of trending music videos which are waiting for you.⏳

You can easily switch up to the video songs from the audio ones. By default video player of shareit download apk if beyond the high quality as it will let you run the shared videos and the online ones which you can stream online by using shareit app download. Shareit download free will use its built-in device wifi antenna and already installed in device media players. Most of the times, you share your files using the internet or your mobile network data connection, but this can be slower and of course not safe at all. Shareit app will not let you face the compatibility issues which usually you encounter while sharing files online from a different platform to the other. The security risks are higher than anything.⚡

Shareit apk download will prevent all sorts of risks of being active on the internet as it communicates from device to device. Shareit latest version 2019 will work with all types of files either created in your phone or downloaded from the internet. Not only data but also the clone of your contacts list can also be shared with the other computer or mobile phones. This would be a fantastic thing to share with your friends and family or even between your different devices. ⚓

Surprisingly, you can transfer the data from SMS (text messages), MMS (multimedia messages, like videos or photos you get via text), apps, call logs, documents, music files, video files, and also the items which you have saved on your SD card. 📥

What Kind Files You Can Share Via Shareit? 🤫

File Types
  • PDF
  • DOC
  • XLS
  • MP3
  • WAV (for Windows)
  • AIFF (for the Mac)
  • AVI
  • MKV
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • DivX
  • FLV
  • OGG
  • OGV
  • PNG
  • EPS
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • Vector image formats like CGM and SVG

Why You Need Shareit?

Internet is the online world which doesn’t have a soft corner for your privacy and not much security check to save your data from the hackers. This means whenever you will post something or share, there is another or bunch of third parties which can read out your data and can misuse it. There are several cases in which hackers and high authorities can access your data. 🤷

Where You Can use shareit?

Shareit free download apk has the ability to work with almost all platforms such as tablets, mobile phones and even with your personal PCs, and of course the laptops. It is also compatible with Android, iOS, Apple OS X, Windows, and Mac. So, moral of the story is you can use shareit exe with any of your devices. Shareit lite will allow your colleagues to share different types of work files such as of word and excel sheets.

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Let’s get to know about how you can use shareit free download on different devices and how you can connect them. 👇

 Shareit pc to pc 🖥️ ➡️ 🖥️

In this section, we will describe how you can transfer files between two different PCs. Before that let’s have a short introduction about PC’s and what are the different operating systems which are developed to work personal computers. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are the operating system which are being used in all personal computers around the world.

Shareit free download pc will let you communicate with your colleague on the workplace to share the different files for the work purpose. This would be the best way to share your files with your colleagues without having a fear of getting your data lost on the internet.

The method to connect shareit pc to pc is given below:


Click on the given link and enjoy because shareit latest version download is available. Download and install on your both computers.


Connect your both system with the same network and check out the signals. Open up the shareit apk download and follow the instructions.

Step 3

Now find out the name of the computer where you want to transfer your files.

Step 4

Now check your connection by this argument by clicking on the accept button.


You can use the drag and drop method to share files or alternatively, can select the data which you want to share with another pc. Also, you would be able to observe the sharing history in this section.

Step 6

Next, you will see the following screen where you can observe the progress and the size of the file which you have shared recently. Once your transfer is completed, now click on the disconnect button and remove the connection between two computers.

 Shareit pc to mobile 🖥️ ➡️ 📱

Shareit mobile app would be the easiest way for you to transfer your files to pc to free up space on your phone. The phones and computers from Lenovo have this amazing app by default, but others can download it from the given link.

This cross-platform has high flexibility when it comes to sharing files from pc to mobile. Without any further due, let’s go towards the steps which will enable you to share your data from pc to mobile and mobile to pc as well.

Before starting the entire process, make sure your both device are connected with the same wireless network or hotspot.


Click on the receive button of your mobile screen.

Step 2

Once you tap on the receive button, the following screen will appear, and you would have to encounter your pc avatar.

 Shareit mobile to mobile 📱➡️ 📱


Connect both devices with the same network and make sure the signals are quite strong.


Click on the send button of phone from where you want to transfer the file to the other device. Now select the file from the folder and send it to the other device.

 Shareit mobile to pc 📱➡️ 🖥️

Step 1

Open up shareit latest version apk download on both your pc and phone.

Step 2

Tap on the send button from your android phone, as shown below.

  • By clicking on the send button here comes the next screen which will appear on your screen. The below-mentioned method will let you share your targeted videos via shareit latest version apk.

 Shareit mobile to mac 📱➡️ 💻

  • Click on the downloaded file and find out the option of “Show QR code”.
  • Now simply, “Scan the QR Code on your phone” with the help of your mobile camera.

Now, both devices will be connected and will be able to transfer the files.

Shareit App Features


🔗 Cross platform file sharing is one of the most unusual features of shareit. No matter what kind of device you have, but you can share files via shareit.

🔗 The data sharing speed is beyond the horizon as you don’t need to wait for several minutes or even for hours to get the transfer done. Shareit mobile client has 200% fastest sharing speed than Bluetooth.

🔗 Apart from data transfer, you can check out for trending, and you favourite music videos at the same time.

🔗 You don’t need to download the video player to get played your shared files because shareit pc app free download has its own built-in video and music player.

🔗 If you are about to share some files with your friends or family and you want to add some fun element, then add some funky stickers along with GIF’s which are going to make it fun sharing with your desired people.

🔗 There are several apps available in the digital market, which will let you share specific types of files such as documents, pictures, and music but they won’t be able to do much for you. On the other hand, shareit iOS 7.1.2 has tremendous power to share all sorts of files to other devices of several different types.

🔗 There are several apps which will let you share the data, but unfortunately, the quality will be damaged, but in case of shareit app free download, the quality will remain the same which is an amazing thing to enjoy.

🔗 You don’t need to share files one by one to all your friends as you can share the targeted files at once to many receivers.

🔗 If you are habitual of group sharing, then create a group on shareit laptop and enjoy the group sharing. Not only this but also you can search for groups which are already existed with the help of shareit for pc apk.

🔗 There is built-in space analyzer which will let you know the amount of space which has been occupied by the shared files in your device.

🔗 Shareit latest version for pc download will detect the duplicate files and will let you know if you want to keep one of them or want to have both of them.

🔗 You can get the remote access of your pc by syncing your mobile device with your pc but make sure you confirm all the security checks.

How To Download Shareit App? ⬇️

Shareit download free for all the devices is going to be the best part of this article because you are finally going to have the product about which we are discussing since the beginning of this article. Following are the methods and download links which you can use to have shareit pc software free download

Shareit App Download For Android 📱

Now you can get shareit mobile download with great ease. Just follow the given below steps:

📥 Shareit latest mod apk can be downloaded via the given link on our website which is just a click away.

📥 Tap on the downloaded file of shareit apk free download for android.

📥 After clicking on the downloaded file, your phone will ask you to change the security settings for third party applications.

📥 To proceed, you need to turn off the restriction by unchecking the unknown sources section.

📥its Itse to tap on the install button to start the process; this will take a few minutes to get completed. Share your files with the desired device and save your data offline.

Shareit App Download For Pc 🖥️

Here is good news for the people who are tired of using shareit app download on their android phones. Shareit app install for pc is available with the help of few simple steps.

📥 Firstly, you need to download an android emulator named “BlueStack” from the given link.

📥 Once the installation is done, log in with your regular Google account.

📥 Now it’s time to download shareit apk for pc from the given link.

📥 Now with the method of drag and drop download shareit apk in the android emulator to start the downloading process

📥 After doing wait for a few minutes, you are good to go, enjoy the roller-coaster ride of sharing your files.

You can also simply install the shareit pc version and can exclude the android emulator section. We have mentioned it just because to give you the mobile-like experience.

Shareit App Download For iPhone 📱

Apparently, android and IOS are opposite to each other. Shareit for iPhone jailbreak is not necessary because the following app will work for you to achieve the same results. So, our main concern is that is it possible to run an app on IOS which has been designed for the android platform

The answer is YES.

Here is the way out in the method of having an app called  “Tweakbox app” .

How Does The Tweakbox App Will Work?

Go grab the Tweakbox app on your IOS device by clicking on the given link on our site.

  • Once download gets started, enter the password if needed.
  • You should have to “join Tweakbox club for free” to proceed. You can join it for free or can get a paid subscription as well. All depends upon your needs and desire.
  • Once the process is done, the Tweakbox app will have a similar interface like the normal play store.
  • Now drag and drop shareit computer to the Tweakbox app so, you could start the installation process.
  • Here is the most problematic part, where you need to have IOS9 to use apk file on IOS. Otherwise, it will not be supported, and you will not be able to play shareit latest version 2019.

Download Shareit for Mac 💻

📥 Shareit iOS is available on a click away.

📥 Find out the file from the download folder.

📥 Double-click on the downloaded file, follow the instructions to agree with terms and conditions.

📥 Click on the install button and give it some time to be completed.

📥 Once installation is done, enjoy shareit on mac.

 What is shareit pro? 

Shareit pro is for the professional app with minimum rates of in-app purchases. There won’t be annoying adds to ruin your user experience. So, you can enjoy the maximum speed of data transfer, and the new updates will be available in this edition first. The more sharing space and better video players are waiting for you on shareit pro; go grab your pro edition today from the given link.

Shareit is not working or shareit error message? ⚠️

Sometimes you will see a message of shareit isn’t working on your screen and app will be crashed down or won’t be openly usually. You can cope up with this issue by using the given below methods:

Clear cache memory

Method 1

  • Go to settings of your device and move towards the “application manager” as shown in pictures.
  • You will get the entire stack of installed apps list in this section. Choose “shareit” as we did in the sample screen.
  • Tap on the screen and follow the screen, as shown below:
  • You can clear your cache memory and can start over again.
  • In case, it’s still not working clear data and refreshes the app.

Re-install shareit app

Method 2

  • Uninstall the app from your device and install it again. This might solve your problem regarding the app crash.

Shareit mobile to pc transfer failed

If you are facing any issue while transferring a file from mobile to pc or vice versa. There is a method given below to resolve your issue.


If your connection is not working or not connecting to the Wi-Fi or hotspot. Try to remove the firewall from the antivirus and if the problem is solved, then add the exception in firewall settings.

Shareit transfer failed android

Another type of issue comes when your hotspot, which is supposed to be connected to your pc creates the problem. To deal with this issue, follow the simple steps which are given below:

  • Open up the shareit android app on your phone.
  • Tap on the avatar which is being appeared on the top left corner of your phone. It will lead you to the next menu.
  • Now, tap on “Connect to PC” button and the device will start doing a search for your pc.
  • Simply tap on “PC Search Mobile” on the bottom right; it will automatically create its own mobile hotspot.
  • Open up the shareit pc app on your computer as well.
  • Now turn of the internet otherwise it would be hard for the pc to locate your mobile hotspot.
  • Click on the pop up which will appear on your mobile screen to connect with your phone right after the confirmation dialogue.
  • Now, you can enjoy unlimited file transmission from your pc to mobile.

 Why shareit is slow? 

Shareit has the fastest speed to transfer the files as compared to Bluetooth. It will take several hours to transfer the big files via Bluetooth, but shareit will work on them with a very low amount of time. Although shareit has the fastest speed of data transfer but there could be many issues which can slow down the rate of transfer. What are the reasons and how you can cope with them are given below:

Distance between devices

Distance does matters a lot when it comes to sharing files. Sometimes, files take so long to get a transfer from one device to another. To deal with this issue, make sure your devices have short distance.

Too many Wi-Fi signals

Sometimes your shareit for laptop get confused that which signals it has to grab so in this case you have to forget the other Wi-Fi signals to make your own stronger so you could transfer your files.

Too many apps running

Sometimes if your devices are running a lot of apps on the background, then there are chances that shareit files transfer might get slower and you might have to wait to let the transfer done.

Pros & Cons

  • Shareit apk will enable the ways to share different files with your friends, colleagues and also with family.
  • You can set your avatar to differentiate yourself from others.
  • Large files can be sent to other devices with a quicker speed.
  • Multiple platform supportive shareit download for mobile will handle all the devices Such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and computers which will give you the way beyond experience.
  • Your privacy will not be leaked out at all so, feel free to share your files from cross devices.
  • Shareit exe for windows 10/8/8.1/7 and windows XP 64 bit is built-in, in Lenovo devices but shareit app for pc is also available for non-Lenovo devices.
  • Shareit 2.0 download has built-in video players which you can use to watch video songs and can listen to your favourite songs.
  • You can share your files to people even in groups such as your official files with your colleagues.
  • Sometimes it gets slower, and you might have to wait for even hours to have your transferred file.
  • Already connected devices can share the malware files which can damage your device.
  • The annoying ads will make it confused to share the files for you.
  • There aren’t many instructions about its usage.
  • It gets stuck and will make your file transfer annoying.

Sharing every document in email or dropbox is hard to do so. There are several apps which will transfer your data but will not support a specific type of files. To solve this riddle shareit app is the best among all as it will save you from the hassle of downloading a lot of apps for the single purpose. Download shareit apk for pc, iOS devices, and Android devices also to enjoy the unbeatable file sharing experience.

 Shareit Alternatives ♻️

Before going for one app, you should try some of its alternatives also to decide on your own that which one is the best one. In this section, we are about to describe some fantastic and likeable apps which will give you the same user experience but of course with different user-interface.


Mirror your phone and watch all the shared content on your pc as well. AirDroid is a data transferring app which can work as your remote control as well. You are about to share your data with the most secure method.


This app will allow you to transfer the data from one device to another device with the safest method. Zapaya is one of those tools which can offer you services in different languages as well. Cross-platform for several by using high speed and no cellular data.


This is another exciting file sharing app with ultimate file sending resume option along with high security, high speed, many other. grab your files and share them with great ease by using feem. This app has the ability even to work offline so; you can share your data even without internet connectivity.


This will facilitate you with file-sharing no doubt, but additionally, it will clean up your space and will let you browse the files from your device. Get the notifications about your space usage and stay informed.

 FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) 🙋‍

What is meant by web share?

If you have shareit on the device from where you want to send files but on the other hand, you don’t need to have shareit on other devices where you want to receive the files. It works on a very simple mechanism which is given below: Download and launch shareit on your device. Tap on more and open up webshare. Now select the file and tap on the send button. Now it will ask you to connect the hotspot to get connected with other devices. Now simply scan the QR code, and it will take you to the downloading page where you can download the shared files with having shareit on your device.

Is shareit download apk safe?

Apparently, this app has no harm but use it with all the cautions as it allows the user to connect with several devices, so make sure, you don’t accept or send inappropriate files. Keep it away from the kids to make it safe for data sharing.

Why is file sharing failed?

Apparently, this app has no harm but use it with all the cautions as it allows the user to connect with several devices, so make sure, you don’t accept or send inappropriate files. Keep it away from the kids to make it safe for data sharing.

Why is file sharing failed?

There could be several reasons behind this which you need to deal with. All of these reasons and their solutions are given in the above article; we will suggest you read them to proceed.

Does shareit use FTP?

FTP (file transfer protocol) is being used by shareit data sharing app. This app does have its built-in Wi-Fi antenna, which enables itself when you try to share any data with other devices.

How to deal with “shareit mobile to pc not connecting”?

This is the rarest issue you will encounter while using shareit. In case,

Is shareit available for IOS?

Yes, you can use shareit apk on different iOS devices; we have described every method regarding files sharing in the above sections. Enjoy the endless data sharing experience with shareit apk.

How to download shareit?

You can download shareit on different devices with the range of different operating systems. We have described each device of how you can install shareit in it. You can simply scroll up the article and find out how you can deal with your device.

Does shareit need Bluetooth?

No, shareit has its FTP to transfer the files from one device to the other, so Bluetooth isn’t the compulsory element to transfer the data.

How to change your computer name and avatar in shareit desktop download?

The method is quite simple as you just need to follow the given below steps: Step1 Go to the settings just like it has been shown in the below image. Step 2 By clicking on the settings you will get the following screen options. From this screen you can change the name of your computer and can choose the different avatar for yourself. Click on the advance button to move towards advance settings. By going further you can change the location for shareit exe for windows XP. At the end you must save all the settings to proceed.

Does shareit use direct Wi-Fi?

Shareit requires Wi-Fi to create the server network to share the files so it uses direct Wi-Fi but didn’t need the data connection and won’t share your data to the internet.

What is the difference between shareit and Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is the oldest and built-in technology in smartphones which has the basic aim to share the files but with the passage of time technology advancement brings the shareit app in the market intending to work on the same concept as Bluetooth does. Shareit is faster than Bluetooth and can also handle the bulk data sharing without damaging the shared content quality.

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How to install SHAREit – Download SHAREit App For Android, PC and iOS (Updated 2022) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded SHAREit – Download SHAREit App For Android, PC and iOS (Updated 2022) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.



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