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THINK IT! CREATE IT! SOLVE IT! The award-winning, best-selling video game is now available for Android tablets and phones!
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June 25, 2018
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Scribblenauts Remix is a puzzle game for Android that breaks the templates. In it you will not have to work with that what you are given to solve the problem. Instead the developers give you the opportunity to come up with the very tool by which the problem will be solved. To do this you first think of the object, and then enter the name and create it.

The motto of the game: “If you can think, you can create it”. Thus the player gets the opportunity to pass the levels the most incredible images, and the Gameplay becomes so nonlinear as possible within a computer game. Any level can be passed with the help of various tools. Accordingly, options for playing Scribblenauts Remix APK exists only as long as people have enough imagination.

While players are offered a wide choice of levels where you have to solve puzzles. Each unique solution the user can publish, share on social network with friends. And of course you should not forget about the humor, without which no one puzzle can’t be solved really cool.

Are you ready for some interesting adventures with random yet addictive Gameplay? Want to have complete control of your game by doing whatever you want? Then you can all pick up this amazing story in Scribblenauts Remix where you’ll make use of your amazing powers to help others.

Learn to create varied objects from just simple world. Help others by giving them what they need with your superpowers. Learn to overcome obstacles with your clever thinking. And discover an entire refreshing story in this latest adventure of Scribblenauts Remix.


In the game, gamers will be playing as Maxwell, his sister Lily, and many other characters in the series as you take on your ultimate journey to save the planet and help people with your gifts. And what is that gift? It’s your unlimited imagination and creativity.

That’s right, in the awesome mobile game of Scribblenauts Remix, gamers will have access on the magical scribble note which you can write everything on it, and they’ll become real. That being said, as long as the words that you write have meanings, you’ll be able to create stuffs. No matter how silly, unhelpful, exotic and unnatural they are.

The game follows the stories from the original Scribblenauts game where the two kid Maxell and Lily were tasked by their grandparents to go out and do good deeds using the magical note that they give them. This note can turn anything that the user writes into reality.

So, you can feel free to create a giant flying beaver, a robotic dinosaur, a military jet with rainbow color, and so on. What you can think, the game can make it. The only limit is your imaginations. Hence, it’s the perfect game for people of all ages.

Real with multiple problems and come up with unique solutions as you solve them. Just make sure that you use your powers for good purposes like helping people, not wrecking things apart. Don’t be tempted by the powers or it’ll backfire you.

Outstanding Features Of Scribblenauts Remix MOD APK

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple And Intuitive Controls:

To start with, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the simple and intuitive controls, which allow you to quickly get familiar with the features. In addition, the simplified interfaces also make your journey and quest a lot easier. That being said, you can easily access all the options during the game like looking for hints, quick typing and so on. In addition, the game also adds the shaking functionality, which allows you to shake your android device to get rid of al the created objects, which is kinda cool.

Take On Multiple Puzzle-Solving Challenges:

And of course, with Scribblenauts Remix, Android gamers will have their chances to enjoy the classic level system through multiple challenges and missions. Find yourself taking on all kinds of puzzles with varied difficulties through more than 50 different levels.

Here, you can enjoy both the exciting levels from Scribblenauts and super Scribblenauts as well as the new levels with the Remix Gameplay. Hence, be ready for some exciting actions with our favorite characters and their magical notebook.

Enjoy Extra Features With The New World Pass:

In addition, for those who are still interested for more enjoyable Gameplay, you can also purchase the world Pass to travel to New locations in the game and enjoy 40 extra levels. Moreover, you’ll also have access to all the future levels and expansions with this single purchases. Plenty of fun and exciting adventures await you in your  journeys in the Scribblenauts Universe. Plus, if you have previously purchased a world expansion from other games, you will not need the world Pass to enjoy the extra contents, which is quite a nice move from the publisher.

Play The Game With Multiple Characters From The Series:

Along with Maxwell and his sister Lily, the game also features multiple characters with unique traits that you can play as. That being said, you can enjoy the game with your strange hipster friend, a cleaning lady, a swimmer, a boxer, an artist and even God himself with the look of an old man.

Enjoy Unlimited Fun In The Sandbox Maps:

Find yourself enjoying the unlimited fun as you dive into the immersive sandbox maps. Here, you can do literally anything with your creating capabilities. In addition, the fully interactive maps will allow you to destroy whatever you want, be it a steel building or a giant monster. You just need to come up with the right stuffs to overcome the challenges.

Complete Unique Achievements To Unlock Special Rewards:

And along with the main Gameplay, you are also allowed to pick up multiple achievements to complete and unlock special rewards. Feel free to enjoy the game while spending time with your achievements and challenges.

Save Your Memorable Moments And Share Them With Friends:

And if you wish to record some of your memories moments in the game like that time you save some body from a disastrous event or create some kind of weirdly looking monster that has never been seen, you can easily pick up the photo option and record your pictures. Feel free to share them with your friends through your preferred social networks whenever you want.

Play The Game With Or Without The Internet:

In addition gamers in Scribblenauts Remix are also allowed to enjoy their favorite game even without the need of an Internet connection. Hence, the game should be a great title to enjoy whenever you need to go outside away from your WIFI connection. Plus, whenever you’re back online, all your saves will be uploaded to the online drive for secured protections.

Have The Game Completely Unlocked For Free:

The game is currently listed on the Google Play Store as a paid version. Hence, you’ll need to spend some money to have it installed on your mobile devices. Not to mention that the game also requires you to purchase the World Expansion to enjoy the extra content.

If that’s making you uncomfortable, you can always choose to install our modified version of the game instead. With our Scribblenauts Remix APK, gamers can have the game completely unlocked and have access to the unlimited money whenever they way.

Visual And Sound Quality


With simple graphics and unique art styles, Scribblenauts Remix introduces Android gamers to the addictive casual Gameplay that they have always wanted. Feel free to dive into the cartoony and friendly world as you discover its unique gameplay. Not to mention that the undemanding requirements also mean that the game can be played with most of your current devices without any shutters or lags.


Enjoy the cheerful and accurate sound experiences in Scribblenauts Remix APK as you embark on your unique adventures in the the game.

Installation Process:

How to install Scribblenauts Remix APK with OBB date file?

  • APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  • Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/
  • Ensure that OBB file ( and ( sits within the folder.
  • Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Scribblenauts Remix Latest 6.9 Android APK

The game is undoubtedly one of the best casual and puzzle_ solving game that’re currently available on your Android devices. And with our mod, you’ll have it for completely free. So why are you still hesitating?

Additional Information:

  • App Name: Scribblenauts Remix APK
  • Genres: Puzzle
  • Version: 9
  • Developer: Warner Bros, International Enterprises
  • Requires: 3.3
  • Size: 5 MB + 124.9 MB A
  • MOD features: Unlocked


If you make a right guess you can complete the level successfully. In addition to this, you can get clues in Scribblenauts Remix APK if you want and you consume all your guts to complete the level quickly. The game seems difficult at the beginning but it becomes fluid and not boring as you play it in further times so when you get used to it. You should definitely download this game on your Android Devices and install the app.


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