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How to install OG Instagram Mod APK v10.14.0 Download For Android - Updated 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded OG Instagram Mod APK v10.14.0 Download For Android - Updated 2022 APK file.

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3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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OG Instagram is the new unofficial version of Original Instagram APK which lets you upload images, videos and let you do pretty much the same things you do on the official Instagram app. As we all know, Instagram doesn’t need any introduction, it is the most popular social media site for uploading photos, videos let you keep up with friends easily. Many popular models, athletes and business pages reach their audience with the help of Instagram. So, in today’s article, we will see how OG Instagram is different from its official version, also we will be providing you with the direct download link of the latest version of OGInsta APK.

We all use Instagram on daily basis, we all love the app and its functionality. No doubt, it is the most popular apps amongst all the photos and video sharing platforms. The app gets updated frequently but still, it lacks some small but most essential features which are useful for everyday usage. But for some reason, official Instagram developers could not be able to add these features. So to enhance In app experience, several third party developers have developed modded apps on top of the official app which will help users to use the app with its full potential. So, today we will talk about the latest version of OG Instagram Apk and it’s features. So let’s get started.

Insta is one the best Social Media App in terms of privacy that it does not allow users to download images and stories shared by someone else on it. The only way you can download the image is by taking the screenshot and they need to crop the images which is very hard and time consuming task and no one wants to waste time on cropping the image. Also, after cropping the image the quality will decrease. Well, you can download image and stories from Instagram by cropping the images but what if you need to download videos from Instagram., you can’t do anything to download Videos from Instagram. We will tell you the way by which easily download images, videos and stories in your phone from Instagram, So what you think? Isn’t it an amazing App. Let’s download it and enjoy.

Many Modded Apps are available on Google for Instagram. GB insta definitely comes in your mind whenever we talk about Instagram modded apk. OG Instagram is also one of the popular Modded Apk for Instagram users which allow users to download Images, Stories and videos and much more Unlocked features. As GB WhatsApp which is developed By Atnaf Hoak has many unlocked features, OG Instagram also has many unlocked features of Instagram. We have shared many awesome features of OG Instagram, you can check these in below sections.

OG Instagram is same as Instagram but if you love customization and different themes then this application is for you. Everything else will be same as with the original Instagram app. OG Instagram application will allow you to download anyone’s Instagram stories, pictures, videos copying other Instagram bio etc. It offers more privacy options, you can apply themes on your OG Instagram. And there are many options to choose from.

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As claimed by the apps developer you can increase your followers on Instagram by added features of OG Instagram. Also have knowledge that who is following you and the trends on Instagram. OG Instagram Apk is currently rated as No. 1 Instagram MOD in the market. This Instagram MOD will fill your ordinary Instagram with tons of unique and jaw dropping features. There are so many interesting features which you will discover yourself once you start using this app.

For those who don’t know about OG Instagram, let me tell you that this is the modified version of the official Instagram app in which lots of changes have been made to give users more advantage and better control over the app. Also as far as the official version is considered, there are few drawbacks which simply ruins users experience. Those drawbacks are removed and instead of that more advanced features are included in the OG Instagram latest version. Plus there will be no additional cost or hidden charges for using OG Instagram updated version since OG Instagram app does come from the official developers, it is not available on the Google Play Store but you can download it from the link below.

To be said that, there are lots of third party Instagram apps available on different websites. But for the utmost security and privacy reasons, we recommend you to download the updated version of OG Instagram Apk from our website, we keep updating the app when the developer releases the latest version. All the popular social media modded apps are available on our website. You can check them too. But for today let’s talk about OG Instagram MOD Apk and its awesome features.

List of exciting features of OG insta APK

  • Download photos, videos to your android device
  • Download stories directly to your device
  • Use 2 Instagram account simultaneously in same the app
  • Zoom in profile pictures and photos
  • Auto Start videos with sound ON

Outstanding Features Of OG Instagram APK :

Download photos, videos to your android device in OG Insta APK:

Official Instagram let’s you surf through thousands of images and videos, you can do all the things. You can share, like and comment on images and videos except the one thing. You cannot download photos and videos to your device, its a drawback considering that other social media app like Facebook let you download Images and videos. So, is there any way to download Images and videos.? Yes, some people take screen shots of the photos but there’s no way for you to download videos. But OG insta let’s you download both photos as well as videos to your android device in just a single click. To download an image from the OG insta APK, simply click on the three dots and tap on the download button. The respected image or Video will be downloaded to your file manager under the OG MODS/OG Insta folder. The same thing have to do is for videos, click on the three dots on the post, then tap on the download and the video will be downloaded to your android device in the best available quality.

Download Images and Videos from story of others:

This is the most exciting feature of OG insta APK, and it proves why third party modified apps are better than their official counterparts. This feature wasn’t present earlier in the previous versions, it is new addition that let’s you download stories posted by your friends directly to your device, it doesn’t matter it its a video or an image. Download and make use of this new cool feature and surprise your friends by showing them what you can do with OG insta APK. To download Images or videos posted by your friends on their story feed, simply click on the three dots on the bottom right coroner of the screen. Upon clicking three dots, tap on the download button and story will be downloaded to the folder named OG MODS /OG insta. We’re sure you will have fun using this amazing feature.

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Dual Instagram:

OG Instagram recently received this feature, where users can be able to use more than one account in the same OG Instagram Apk. This feature simply eliminates the need of users to log out and log in again with different accounts. Some people have one more account than their official account, so one account for businesses and the audience and one account for personal life. In this case, OG Instagram provides you to use 2 different accounts in the same app by simply tapping on change the account button.

Zoom In Profile Pictures and photos :

Instagram users are annoyed by the fact that they can’t zoom in profile pictures of their friends. Instagram is such a popular website for photos sharing but still can’t serve its users basic functionality to zoom im profile pictures. Wo to make your work easy, we have come up with OG insta with the feature of zoom in profile pictures of other people. Simply hold the DP for 2 seconds and you will be able to zoom in and can have a deeper look at the picture.

Start videos With automatically turned ON automatically:

In official Instagram app, every time when you play any video, the video starts with no volume. But this will no longer happen in the latest version of OG Instagram APK.

Installation process:

  • Click on the download button and wait for the downloading process gets complete
  • Now go to your download folder and open the downloaded file
  • Click on install button to install the application
  • It will take few seconds.
  • After it, move to your homepage and there will be an icon of OG Instagram Apk.
  • Open it and enjoy its latest features
  • Just like Instagram, only smaller, quicker and more features
  • Small file size and very easy interface
  • App is freeware
  • Security rating of 96%
  • Only available on Android OS
  • Some may simply prefer main site
  • Videos may lag or not play at times

Important FAQs about OB Instagram:

Is this app is available for free?

Yes, this app is completely free to use, however you might see few ads on this app

Is OG Instagram legal?

Hence this app is modified by third party developers, we are not sure it’s legal or not


This was the latest version which I have shared above. I hope now you won’t get any difficulty while installing OG Instagram on your phone. If you are Instagram lover then I will suggest you to use OG Instagram in your phone. This isthe best and awesome Instagram MOD apk with some great unlocked features.


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