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This is a paid version of MX Player which provides an uninterrupted video experience without any ads.
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MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
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September 22, 2021
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Every one of us needs to have a break after spending the whole day at work. People can have a diverse sort of working hours and workload. Unlike people has their different taste, likes and dislikes on the basis of their work routine and cultural diversion. Despite the fact that people can have taste contradictions on a cultural basis, but there is something which is the same around the globe and that is the “medium” of entertainment. Before proceeding further

Here is another fact that the medium of entertainment runs and gets changed globally over time. This means people from different origins with different cultures can have a similar medium to get entertained. A few years back there were some common means used to get amused in one’s spare time. In which Radio, newspaper, and TV were highly common and stay in trend respectively.

In the 21st century which is also called the century of inventions, everything gets changed including the way to spend the leisure time as well. Technology takes over the world to some extent and its gripe is getting tight day by day which is going to work in our favor or against us is totally riddled yet.

Information technology and the Internet are rapidly transforming almost every aspect of our lives — some for better, some for worse.

-John Landgraf

We can notice that every one of us even the kids are techy, they want to have their desired amusement while staying in digitization zone. Furthermore, there are some visual and audio forms of entertainment that can vary from person to person. But here we would like to share a natural fact with which you will agree and that is visual things have their deep as well as different impact on you.

There are many categories involves in visual interaction with smartphones and laptops in which films, series and press media, etc are included.

Before going further to our main article let’s have a look on factors which matter while having a visual interaction with gadgets.

To engage the user with a visual platform the user interface works as backbone. User interface is basic link which connects the user and the platform. If the interface will be friendly it would be straightforward for the user to get involve with the platform. As we are discussing to get (entertained) than while depending on the digital entertainment or while using, it for some educational or learning purpose than the usability and interface is something which can make it or break it for you.

We are visual creatures. Visual things stay put, whereas sounds fade.

-Steven Pinker

What is user interface?

User interface or UI is something which works as bridge between the machine and the user. This is the oldest relationship with between the user and the gadget. The user interface helps you to navigate, and decide on the specific task which you can perform within that interface. It’s all about the user communication, user accessibility, task orientation, input controls, and information presentation.

The back-end designing matters a lot for user interface so that all the users can have unbeatable front-end interaction with the screen to get their task done.

Why user interface is so important?

To attract the huge number of traffic towards your app, website or to any other thing the user interface has unrivalled power. Even though smallest adjustments in your interface can have huge impact on the users, so we can say that interface is something which can keep the people stay and vice versa.

It’s natural if we start using a site or app newly and its user interface makes it difficult for us to use than we will abruptly leave it and will try to find something with better user interface. User experience rate must be high to get any app or website success. User interface must be concise and user-friendly in a way that users with different knowledge level can get their desired results.

There are some major aspects which we would like to mention which makes any user interface successful.

  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Result orientation
  • Usability


As we are going to discuss the video player later in this article so in this case the user interface of media player must be organized in sense that the user can easily perform its tasks as per his requirements. For example, the options in the media player about forward/backwards scroll, next, stop play should have to be listed in way that the user can get access to it easily. All the controls must be organized to get high usability.


As well all know that communication is the key of anything to get successful and result oriented. In case of video player the communication between the user and the machine must be friendly and easy which is only possible in case when the user interface would be interactive. We cannot directly to the machine or any other gadget so the users interface provide the opportunity to get in touch with the machine so again user interface is the life saver.

Result orientation

Again if we pursue with the example of our targeted media player than in case a user is intended to switch on the next video or want to stop the current video, then the user interface must be in that order where the buttons looks like the desired intentions. In this graphical user interface is main key. Clarity and the flow of user interface works well on this point.


The very important aspect of user interface of any platform is its usability. This means the user interface should be designed in that way that people from different origins, age group with different knowledge level and with different capabilities can get their required results easily. The high usability rate can work to make any website or app successful.

Let’s dive into our main piece of cake and to add fuel to the fire.

MX Player 1.16.5 APK (Latest Version) Free Download For Android & iOS

We have plenty of video or media players in digital market place with a different bunch of qualities which can suit to some people, but not all of them. If we talk about (collectively) than all the available media players have some flaws and some strong points. All of us would be fine with strong points but what to do with the flaws? 😕
I think you can download more than one media player with different blessings.😀

NO? 😟
Just Kidding!

Obviously it’s impossible to have bunched of different media player apps with different looked-for features.
The life changing Mx player apk download is a blessing in disguise. This powerful video player with advance and alluring features is grabbing attention of majority of people because of It’s amazing features like hardware speeding, automatic subtitle format adjustment, zoom in or zoom out feature with pinch and surprisingly with kids lock enabled.

Mx player have the ability to get synchronized with different format videos and with different type of subtitles. Basically it works with the help of codecs which use to wrapping and expand the different file format with its audio as well as video. Codecs are different for all sorts of processors.

Mx player apk download would help you to run all sort of videos with their diverse subtitles. It has the flexible subtitles relocations which mean you can place the subtitles according to your choice for example, if it’s convenient for you to place the subtitles on the top, you can pick them from down to upward.z

To protect your hardware from getting damage three different encoders available in which SW, HW and HW+ are included. With a plugin you can enable the kids lock to protect your phone from unwanted tapping which can cause you trouble as well.
If you are watching a video using mx player apk on your phone and have to use another app than you can easily switch to the other app. In this case the video display will be hiding but the audio will be on. Is not it amazing? 😀

What are the codecs?

Codec is a program which is uses to encrypt and decrypt the data and makes the data transformation faster as well as easy. Different kind of codecs use for the different kind of processors. Codec works to compress the data transmission so that bandwidth could be saved.
In other words in mx player codecs perform encoding and decoding to make different videos compatible with your device and improve the quality of the embedded subtitles.
Mx player apk download is available for all platforms in which android phones, windows pc and IPhone. Furthermore, we will explain to it that how to get mx player download apk on your required gadget.

How to free download Mx player apk for android tv?

Before going in to depth, there should be a question popped up that why we need apk? This question would be a dime dozen. Let us solve this mystery for you!
Apk or android packages kit a set of file which can save your gadget space and can provide you same results. You can download the apk file and it will not decrypt itself on its own, in fact it will let you decide that whether you are going to install it now or later.

You can uninstall it any time to cop up with memory consumption but the amazing thing is that it will be saved in your phone downloads. For the second time installation you don’t need to get it again from your browser. You will simply have to install it without any data consumption.

Follow the given below steps for mx player download apk for android.

  • Open up your browser and search for mx player download apk” for android.
  • After getting your search results download the apk file in your phone.
  • Go to your download and tap on the “mx player apk file.”
  • As the file is being downloaded from an “unknown source” So, you need to change the security settings” of your phone.
  • Enabled the unknown source permissioncheck box.”
  • Install the app and here you go. Enjoy!

Can you download Mx player setup exe file free for PC (Ubuntu, Windows & Mac) 32 bit/64 bit with emulator blueStacks?

Apparently mx player is made for android platform but it can be run on the window pc as well. Mx player download apk is compatible with window 7, 8, 8.1 and window 10 completely. You can get mx player Apk’s services by using a android emulator.

There are many emulators available in the market for the same purpose. But we would suggest you to use BlueStack emulator.

Follow the given below steps to download the BlueStack emulator and mx player download for pc.

  1. Search for the BlueStack” in browser.
  2. Now Download and install the BlueStack in your windows pc.
  3. Open up the BlueStack” and search for mx player apk download”.
  4. Click on the mx player apk download and install it.
  5. After installation agree” with the “terms and conditions.”
  6. Now you can enjoy mx player” even in your pc. Whoa! 😀

How to Download and Install Mx Player apk For Firestick

In this section, we will discuss the steps which you would have to follow in order to get mx player apk Firestick. Mx player apk is third party app while the Firestick is amazon store product but that is ok because you can easily side loaded it on to your Firestick. Before start the process turn on the apps from unknown sources. You can have mx player apk Firestick with the help of downloader app, but we would like to consider all the people from different region so here is another alternative method because downloader is not available for all the origins.

We will get mx player apk for Firestick with the help of ES file explorer but before that let me introduce with ES file explorer.

What is ES file explorer?

ES file explorer is file managing tool which can help you to get all those apps which are not available directly on store. You can get this tool from your device app store easily. You are well aware with ES file explorer now let’s get move further to the process.

  • Click on the “ES file explorer” and direct to its right side in main window.
  • Click on the “downloader icon”.
  • Next screen will appear, on the bottom of new window “click on the new”.
  • It will ask you about the path and the name. On path, you have to “write the exact URL” from where you would like to download the app and on name section you have to write the “name of the file” which you are going to download.
  • After this click on download now.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes and mx player apk will be downloaded to your device.
  • Now open the file and install it and navigate to the “next button” which is on the “right side of the bottom”.
  • Click on the install and give it few minutes to get completed.
  • Click on done button and here you go. You can enjoy the mx player apk for Firestick free.
  • After installation it’s up to you that you want to keep the apk file in downloader or want to remove it. But in both cases the mx player will work perfectly.

Mx player download free for iPhone (4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 7 plus, 8, 9, 10, 11, 11 pro), iPad, iPod

IOS first launch its phone in 2007 and get the popularity with the passage of time, but still it has less market shares as compared to android operating system. It has market share of 22.04%. The user interface and prices are the biggest hurdle between iOS and the users.

To have Mx player apk apple you need to download another app called “Tweakbox”.

📥 To get Tweakbox app for your IOS device you need to click here”.
📥 “Enter the password” if required to proceed the downloading on your IOS gadget.
📥 You can simply go for “free version” or for “paid subscription”, depends on your desire.
📥Once the process done, you will have a familiar interface.
📥 Now “drag the mx player” for iPhone download file and “drop it to Tweakbox” to run the app like other android devices.
📥 But the sad thing is that you only can avail this offer if you have IOS9 in your device otherwise it will not work as you want.

We have use the term called Tweakbox app above. Let us explain it for the people who don’t know much about it.

What is Tweakbox app?

Its working is same like the android emulator BlueStack and used for the same purpose as well. Over 7 million users worldwide are engaged with this mesmerizing app. More than 2000 apps are available on the play store of Tweakbox and many more you can download by using the method which we have mentioned above.

Mx Player apk Download For Fire TV and Android TV box

The mx player download is available for android phones and window pc but it can also support the streaming devices such as TV box and Firestick for free. Mx player is a lifesaving media player for all the streaming lovers due to its ability to download subtitles on its own and hardware integration.

How you can install mx player on your fire TV? Let us explain it to you.

Before starting note one thing that you can use these instructions for android TV and other streaming devices as well.

  • Go straight to the “Fire TV settings”.
  • Click on the device that can be written as my fire TV if you are using newer models.
  • Click on “developers options”.
  • Tap on apps from “unknown sources” and turn it on.
  • Now go back to the main home screen and “click on the search button”.
  • Type downloader and download the app which appears in search.
  • Download the downloader app and allow its required access on your device.
  • Later on, it will ask for URL from where you would like to download the mx player.
  • Click on the install button and you are good to go.
  • You can delete the app downloader after getting mx player on your phone.

Mx Player Apk Download For Mi TV

  • initially, you need to have mx player apk file in to your USB.
  • Now connect the USB to the mi TV and open the apk file setup of mx player.
  • Turn on the permission from the developers’ option.
  • Click on the install button, it will take some time like 2-3 minutes.
  • After the installation process, mx player apk is ready to use.

Mx Player Mod Apk Latest Version Free Download *without adds*

Mx player apk pro is a modified version of mx player apk which comes with all the features enabled of mx player latest paid apk. It has better hardware quickening and efficient subtitles features. Mx player apk mod not only has better features but also takes you away from the pesky ads which can disturb you while watching your favorite movie or series.

In mx player apk mod all the unwanted codes have been removed to save your phone memory. Some codecs are embedded in mx player apk pro which will definitely deduct your internet usage. Mx player the latest pro apk download has changed its icon colors and has done other amazing changings.

Mx Player Latest Codec Apk Download

Mx player apk file can play almost all sorts of the video except few formats. To cop up with those few video formats mx player does have some codecs which are being used to deal with a diverse variety of processors.

ARMv7 NEON Codec 1.10.25

Tegra3 Codec 1.10.25

ARMv7 Codec 1.10.25

ARMv6 Codec 1.7.39

mips Codec 1.7.39

ARMv5te Codec 1.7.39

ARMv6 Codec 1.7.39

X86 CODEC 1.10.25

All the above-mentioned codec files have their old and latest both versions. You can get mx player latest codec apk as well as mx player old codec apk. It’s all up to your needs and desire. You can simply download the codec apk, later on, if it will be compatible with mx player apk than it will automatically say that download the codec file found in the storage.

Mx Player Apk Download Latest Version

Mx player apk download has its latest version as well in the market which can be got as mx player apk download latest version 2020. The latest version of mx player is MX Player 1.10.51. Reportedly mx player apk has 60 versions which are compatible with android 4.0 and above.

For example, if you ask for mx player apk download for android 2.3.6 then you can’t have it as it’s not compatible android version but mx player apk free download for android 4.2.2, android 5 and android 5.0 than for sure you can have it. Some of having the same features with improved services and some have major changes than the previous ones.

Mx Player Pros & Cons

  • Any sort of videos with different formats can be played without any hesitation on different sorts of processors, which is because of its high hardware integration.
  • You can align your text anywhere according to your needs and likes.
  • In mx player apk latest version you can even have the colorful user interface.
  • Mx player apk provides you the services to deal with your mischievous kids with kids lock. This means no more undesired calls to random people from your phone.
  • The diverse variety of codecs allow you to run even though those videos which mx player cannot play by default.
  • High video quality enhances the user experience with way too friendly user-interface.
  • The mx player has hardware integration unbeatably better than anything else.
  • The user customization is beyond the limit. The user can use mx player according to their needs and desire. High customization included subtitle alterations, different numbers of controls like brightness and volume, etc.
  • Automatic subtitles adjustment saves the user’s energy, and time by downloading it on its own when it’s needed.
  • Multi-core decoding makes it flexible for its users.
  • A huge number of types of videos that can be easily played on mx player. This makes it a rare breed in all media players.
  • You can use mx player as a background player while using other applications on your phone. It will provide you the audio access of that video which is being played on the background.
  • You can lock the screen while your kids are watching videos which will be helpful for all those parents who are fed up with accidental calls to random people and their unwanted access to other apps.
  • Due to externally linked codec library, it will require more memory on your phone which can be annoying obviously.
  • Sometimes the codecs do not get synchronized with mx player apk and all of a sudden mx video stops working.
  • Sometimes it stops working for no reason, for which the developers need to resolve this problem.
  • If you are intended to have kids lock on mx player download free then you may have to get an additional plugin for this. This will for sure consume your additional space.
  • It contains a lot of annoying and unwanted ads that can disturb your media traffic. You can have mx player pro to get ads free entertainment with boundless controlling features.

Final verdict

We have discussed every aspect related mx player apk free download for you. Now the decision is yours that how this all information is going to work for you.

“A lively discussion is usually helpful, because the hottest fire makes the hardest steel.”  

― Tom Clancy, Debt of Honor

Its always been hard to choose a good media player when there is a huge range of media players available in the market. To make it easy for you we have written every detail about the mx player. Now ball is in your court, you can decide whether it will suit you well or not.

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

-Frank Herbert

Best Mx Player Alternatives

VLC Media Player

You can play almost any kind of media such as Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices, and Streams. Unlike other music players, this doesn’t require many codecs as it can play the majority of codecs without having codec packs. You can play it on several platforms such as Android, Linux, Windows, and IOS. You are free to have a VLC media player. You can have customized skins to improve the user interface.


This player is quite easy to handle as it’s lightweight and customizable. Most importantly you can use it for several platforms such as android, IOS, and windows. You don’t have to deal with annoying ads that can distract you badly. You can have a personalized toolbar that is the great blessing indeed.


Create your customized playlists and enjoy your favorite music separately. The user interface is extremely interesting as it will provide you easy access. You can easily move or zoom your favorite media player. You can set your timer to end up a video after a specific time.

Windows Media Player

This is specifically for different versions of windows. It can automatically get sync to your external storage as well. The damage of quality is normal in media players but wmp will not disappoint you in this way.

FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)

Mx player apk free download for iPhone is possible?

Mx player apk for the moment is only available for the android and windows platform but there are some similar apps from different developers that can be used for a similar purpose.

Is there any authentic source to download the apk file?

While having any sort of apk the security is the main concern because apk is something which can make you slip into malware easily So, you should get it from a very authentic platform So, you could have virus-free apk file. We would recommend you to use apk mirror for apk file download.

Is it necessary to download all available codec apk files?

Of course not, it actually depends on which format you usually play on mx video player. Might be possible some codec apk file you use on a daily bases and some of them you use rarely.

Mx player apk is available for all android versions?

No, mx video player can only support android 4.0 and above. It is not compatible with android versions below 4.0.

Is it safe to download mx player?

It entirely depends on where you are about to download the mx player. Make sure the source should be authentic. In case you are not sure about the authenticity of the source than try to read permission before downloading the mx media player and make changes if required.

Mx player is free of cost or not?

Both free and pro versions of mx video player are available. Both modes are almost the same in working but the major difference between paid and free version is ads which might sound annoying for you. In this case, you can have the ads-free mx player pro.

Can AC3 Audio be supported by mx player?

Mx player supports the external codecs very well. By default, it cannot play the AC3 audio, and a message will be displayed that the video cannot be played but as it has the ability to support external codecs it will download the required codecs to play the AC3 video.

Is MX Video Player Well-matched with Chromecast?

Mx video player is not compatible with Google Chromecast by default but if you are intended to use it for Chromecast than its better to use an additional app called Local cast app as per the recommendations of their official site to solve this riddle.

Is MX Video Player Available for iOS users?

As the developers of mx player for android have not made any similar app for iOS but the mx player app on iOS app store is available but by the different developers. So, we are not sure about that app and its features whether it will work in your favor or not.

Is MX media Player Better than VLC?

Every user has a number of likes and dislikes when it comes to media players. So some users might find VLC good for them but some of them will go for mx player. So the whole game depends on the users.

MKV is playable in mx player or not?

It is hard to play MKV on mx player by default but with the use of different codecs, the file can be played. Which sort of codecs you will need to download to get MKV played can be found online.

Is it better to get mx player pro initially?

No, we will not recommend you to download mx player pro directly. First, you need to try mx player free, later on, decide whether you need mx player pro or you are good with mx player free version.

What's new

- This update brings you the support for USB OTG devices (FAT32 only)
- Support for casting of all media formats
- Support AI subtitle translation
- MX Share now supports sharing files from other apps
- Speed Controls in Local Video Player now supports direct inputs from the keyboard.


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