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Simulator games have always been one of the most favorite games of the video game users who love planning, its implementation and the results of their planning. World Box Mod Apk is a game that involves god like capabilities simulator and this game is based on the construction of the world of your liking and its inhabitation with the inhabitants of your choice and then partial or complete destruction with the disaster that you want. These disasters can be natural or artificial but all the disasters are under your control, it can be volcano eruptions, rains, hurricanes, tornadoes as natural disasters and in case of artificial the atomic bomb explosions etc.

The inhabitants you choose can be sheep to zombies, including many animals and some mythical creatures as well. It is on you what you choose for yourself. You can build in this game whatever you want and can introduce different creatures so in other words you have full freedom in this game.

Some useful info about the game

Name of the game World Box Mod Apk
Genre Simulation
Developed by Maxim Karpenko
Device Requirements Android 5.0 and more
Version 0.5.161
Mod Premium
License Free


Here the main focus in this game is on natural events that are definitely under your control, you can put the creatures into wars just like sheep versus zombies. All the events and happenings would be under your control. The construction of your world will make to love what you have made and in destruction you will notice that how hard is it to destroy your own made world.

Features of the game

There are lots of contemporary creatures and civilizations, in other words the base civilizations in the games these includes zombies, elves, dragons, orcs and many other magical beasts and creatures are included in this game.

Your capabilities can be like you can pour acid rain, detonate huge atomic bombs, volcanoes, tornadoes etc. so all these events can be used to to create life or destroy it. You can color your world with the colors you want to.

Here in this game the gameplay is based on simulation, and here you will create your own world and you can watch this world prospering or being destroyed by multiple disasters that can be natural or artificial. There are geysers that erupt and fly towards the sky and huge volcanoes of world size.

You can free download World Box Mod Apk by clicking on the following link.


This game is very interesting and it does not require extensive use of your brain its gameplay is so much interesting that will not let you getting bored. This game is free play and gives you both options of building or destruction. So here in this game you will see what your decisions can do and what type of disaster can damage the lives. This game is very interesting and is highly engaging and you will enjoy its gameplay very much. You also witness the implementation and results of your planning.

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