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An idle monster game for monster trainer
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March 27, 2021
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Find yourself exploring the world of Zenith In this latest game from ilmfinity as you begin your journey to become the world’s best Evoker. Travel the massive lands in the game while you try your best to collect all the different Creo in the entire world.

Train your Creo to make them more capable during battles. Upgrade their powers and abilities through level ups and evolutions. Discover the potential of your Creo through the endless battles and exciting challenges.

This is an RPG game combined with the familiar pet training model of Pokemon. Coming to the game you will experience the fierce battle between different Creos to know who is the winner. You will relive the childhood memories that seem to have been forgotten. So what are you waiting for becoming a talented Creo trainer and with his Creo climb any glorious peak?

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Just like with everyone’s favorite titles _ Pokemon, EvoCreo introduces gamers to the world of the mystical creatures who possess incredible powers and abilities called the Creo. For generations, people have learned to live in harmonies with the Creo

In facts, many of them even become the Evokers who possess the ability to capture, tame and train their own Creo. This allows many to become friends with the Creo and have them using their unique powers for good causes.

However, there are also bad people who don’t like being friends with these magnificent creatures. Instead, all they care is the amazing powers of the Creo and wish to take control of them for their own purposes. This, we cannot stand. Thus, the righteous Evokers have stood up and challenged those with unjust causes.

In the game, players will join the adventures of a daring young Evoker who have always been in love with the Creo and wish to learn everything about these magnificent creatures. Hence, he also opposes the idea of enslaving them.

Embark on your ultimate journey, defeat the evil forces she bring peace to the Creo. Learn the art taming and training these powerful creatures. Make friends with them and have assist you in your fight against the criminal organization.

Go and join millions of online gamers in this epic adventure.

Outstanding Features Of EvoCreo MOD APK

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Embark On An Exciting Adventure In EvoCreo:

To start with, the hard core Pokemon fans will certainly find themselves some nostalgic experiences in EvoCreo. Travel the lands, meet up with new friends, join each other in your ultimate journey to become the Master Evokers.

Challenge the best Evoker in the Arenas and fight your way to the Coliseum. Find yourself completely immersed in the epic actions during your EvoCreo battles. Discover the immense power of your Creo as you take them to the epic battles against your opponents.

And during your Evoker challenges, you’ll also find yourself being caught in the battles with the crime organization Shadow Hive who wish to enslave all the Creo for their personal purposes. Put a stop to each of their evil schemes and bring peace to the Creo.

With an exciting adventure that lasts at least 40 hours of Gameplay, you’ll have plenty of fun in EvoCreo.

Explore The Massive World Map:

In addition, you’ll also find yourself having access to the massive world in EvoCreo where you can travel to multiple locations with unique entertainments. That being said, gamers in EvoCreo can follow their own adventures as they explore the magnificent world of Zenith.

Find yourself traveling the lands and sea across the entire realms. Battle the wild Creo in the dark forests, the volcanic mountains, frozen ice, and more. A massive world with endless possibilities awaits.

Discover Many Different Species Of Creo:

And as you find yourself traveling the massive open world of Zenith, the game also features many different Creo that appear along your way. Depend on your location, there will be certain Creos that are available for you to captures. Each Creo features its own powers and abilities, which make them completely different between one and another.

With more than 130 different Creos in the entire world, your journey to capture and master them all will be a tough one. But you should never give up, Stay positive and always try your best to capture different species of Creos. Train them and increase their affections with you so that they can quickly evolve.

Meet Up With Interesting Characters:

On top of that, by constant traveling, you’ll have the chances to encounter some of the most interesting people in the game. Battles with them, make new friends and get involved in many exciting stories with other characters. And who knows, you might need their help one day, so don’t waste this chance.

Enjoy The Cross Platform Gameplay:

Gamers in EvoCreo can easily find themselves enjoying their awesome adventures in multiple devices from a different platform, including Android, IOS, Ouya, and more. And most importantly, you’re allowed to enjoy the game on multiple devices and sync your progress automatically.

Enjoy The Game With Friends:

Moreover, the game also introduces gamers to exciting cross platform multi player Gameplay where they could enjoy the game with their friends who’re also playing this game. Just open the game and join the online world where you can team up with your friends in exciting team challenges. Take on powerful bosses as you double the fun.

Challenge The Online Evokers In PVP Battles:

And along with the co op team game play with friends, you are also allowed to challenge them or other gamers for an exciting PVP match up. Find yourself completing with the world’s best Evokers and make way to the world championship. Become the best players and earn the title of the ultimate Evoking Master. And of course, plenty of rewarding rewards are waiting for you.

Explore The Depth Tactics:

To win against the best Evokers in both your offline and online Gameplay, it’s recommended that you master the art of battling with Creo. That being said, the game features the interesting and in depth tactical battles where you’ll have to try your best to come up with the suitable strategies to deal with certain enemies.

Pick up a suitable team composition, customize title Creo’s ability, skill moves, and attacks, so they can be more effective during battles. And depending on the opponents, it’s recommended that you take on certain tactics that would work.

Have Ty Have For Completely Free With Our MOD:

The game is currently listed on the Google Play Store as a paid version, which you’ll have to pay to get it. However, if you wish to have the game installed on your devices without having to pay anything, it’s recommended that you try our modified version of the game.

With it, you can enjoy the game without having to plat anything. Just download the EvoCreo MOD APK from our website and you can start playing the game without having to pay anything. On top of that, you can also purchase whatever you want with the included unlimited money MOD.

Visual And Sound Quality


The game features undemanding graphics, which allow most gamers to enjoy it on their mobile with ease. On top of that, the immersive environments and well designed Creo will make things even more interesting. Enjoy the beautiful and vivid graphics in EvoCreo. Engage in the awesome Creo battles as you let your Monsters unleash their powerful and stunning skill attacks. Not to mention that the fully animated characters and Creos will make each scene in the game more enjoyable.

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With dynamic sound experiences, EvoCreo introduces gamers to the immersive world of EvoCreo. Find yourself completely lost in the land of Zenith as you explore the interesting Creos.

Download EvoCreo MOD latest 1.9.8 Android APK

The game is a perfect title for anyone who are fans of the the world famous Pokemon series. That being said, it feature all the classic Gameplay that you would love from the franchise and more. So prepare yourself for an interesting adventure with EvoCreo.

Installation Process:

  • Click on the download button and wait for the downloading process gets completed.
  • Now go to your download folder and open the downloaded file.
  • Now click the install button and wait until the installation process gets completed.
  • Now go to your homepage, there will be an icon of EvoCreo MOD APK.
  • Open it and enjoy.

Additional Information:

  • App Name: EvoCreo MOD APK
  • Genres: Role Playing
  • Version: 9.8
  • Developer: Ilmfinity
  • Requires: 0 and up
  • Size: 51 MB
  • MOD features: A lot of money


Embark on a journey of the world according to Zenith. Starting top battle and seizing more than 130 kinds of Creo! Test yourself in Arenas, and act your way through the coliseum! Consistent with the way you fight naizloveschy content and nasty organization, a little Bush! So don’t waste your time and download EvoCreo MOD APK. You will get al lots of fun and free money. Kill your free time with this amazing MOD of EvoCreo MOD APK.

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