Download Minecraft Apk v1.14.30.2 For Android – [Updated 2021]

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Minecraft APK v1.14.30.2 Original

This version comes under the pocket edition apk which is grabbing attention from the users globally. Majority of the user’s complaint about the game performance in the mobile device. The developers have worked on it and they have launched this new version.

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What’s new in Minecraft APK v1.14.30.2 Original

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This version includes:

  • You can enjoy the nether world bosting
  • The items that players use from the netherrite will not get dissolved in the lave like it used to happened in the previous versions.
  • All the pigman from the zombie lot will turned into the zombie piglins

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Download Download Minecraft Apk v1.14.30.2 For Android – [Updated 2021]