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How to install Critical Strike Mod APK Download Unlimited [Bullets / Money / Equipment] - Updated 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Critical Strike Mod APK Download Unlimited [Bullets / Money / Equipment] - Updated 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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The core topic of this game is terrorist attacks and to counter them. There have been many games in the current past that had the same topic and provided good material in this regard. But some of them have big sized files and slow in pace too and makes your device work slowly. So be attentive! Anti terrorist game lovers here is the solution; Critical Strike. Critical Strike Mod Apk has a good pace and it is a multiplayer FPS action game. Everyone who is the lover of battle games must like it because there is no reason to reject this game. This game introduce you with the best 3D First Person Shooter, which looks like shooting is being done in real.

If you get killed in the game, then come again with the same spirit of destroying the enemy and to take you revenge. There are multiple types of artillery and ammunition available in the missions, the weapons of different grades, capabilities and sizes. The weapons range from pistol to guns, shot guns, sniper guns, grenades etc. for those who like to play multiplayer shooting games, then it is the best chance to avail; download free Critical Strike Mod Apk and enjoy the real battle field like feeling by playing the game.

This game is great to play in all respect. In other games you cannot make the entire scenario according to your choice, but here you can do this, here if you want only knife combat then only knife will be used. And in this way the game plan would remain the same but the weapons used are of your choice, if knife mod is selected then gun will never be seen. The size of the game is so optimized that does not bother the speed of your Android device.

Just like other games there are rewards and incentives at the killing of every enemy, the money, coins and gems are given in this regard. And all these can be used to improve your capability in combating the terrorists. In multiplayer mode where killing is free for everyone these earned capabilities can help you the most for your survival and to increase your killing rate as well. So it has explained that how much important these coins and gems are. So in Critical Strike Mod Apk all these coins and gems are given free in excess amount so that one can get all these benefits before starting to play the game.


The game plan is very much clear that you have to curb the terrorist activities in the given territory where you have to kill terrorists to eliminate the area from them and at some moments you have to defuse the bombs planted by the terrorists. There are some more things that make this game more interesting, some distinctive modes are here in which your role of play and the strategy both change. In Team Deathmatch there are two teams; one acting as protector while the other acts as defaulters, so both teams have to destroy the other one. Here multiplayer option is present so here you can invite your friend and play with them in the same team or do fight with them in opponent team.

In another perspective the terrorist team plants bombs and you have to defuse those and if you fail to defuse then you will face the loss and your opponent finds benefit. This is very interesting and fabulous gameplay. If you need to get separated and play with your friend then you can select private room and play with your friend. The most interesting thing is that you can make your own game maps or rules as well. All these things will enhance your gameplay experience.

Features of the Game

Graphics: the game has modern graphics with AAA quality. So good visual effects are present that makes game look like all this happening is in real world.

Different Maps: there are total of 6 maps that need different strategies of play to fulfill the required task. Even you can make your own map and rules that suits you or to make your experience more good.

Multimode of the game: the game has 8 different modes that make this game more lovely and addictive in appearance and playing.

Size of the game: this game does not slow your Android device or put an extra load on your memory and RAM as it is of small size that occupies very less memory and gives you a high quality experience. It has been optimized so perfectly that it does not bother even weak devices.

Weapons: there are more than 25 weapons that include; guns, rifles, pistols, snipers, shot guns, automatic guns, and grenades. So you can use all of these according to your need.

Mobile Data Usage: one more beauty of this game is its usage of mobile data in very low amount when you play real time matches.

Name of the App Critical Strike Mod Apk
Size 00 MB
Category Action cum Shooting
OS supported Android, iOS
Age of play 16+ years
Price/ License Free

Modes of the Game

There are 8 modes of Critical Strike which have distinctive nature of play and make you addicted of this game very soon. Game modes are;

  1. Team Deathmatch: here battle is being fought between teams. One team would be counter terrorist; while the other would be terrorist team.
  2. Everything Free: in this mode either you have to kill others or being killed by someone. No mercy no wastage of time, kill other players as many times as possible.
  3. Bomb Defusing: here one team (terrorist team) plants the bomb and the other team (counter terrorist) have to defuse it in time.
  4. Private Room: here you can take your friend separated in a room by calling him and there you can play together.
  5. Custom Match: if you want to design the game with the rules and maps you like, then this mode do so for you, so enjoy this mode features with your own consent.
  6. Knife Mode: here play using only combat knife, no rifle no gun or pistol.
  7. AWP Mode: only AWP sniper rifle will be used.
  8. AK47 Mode: you will fight in this mode using only AK47 rifle.

Why Critical Strike Mod Apk?

Among other benefits of the Apk, one is its compatibility with Android devices and free availability. Here you will get unlimited money in form of coins and gems, other items unlocked and player unlocked also. More importantly there are no ads shown when you are playing Critical Strike Mod Apk.

How to download and install

Here are some easy steps to free download Critical Strike Mod Apk and install on your Android device and enjoy the real action.

  • Firstly uninstall the old version of Critical Strike game from your Android.
  • After this download Critical Strike Mod Apk free by clicking on the following link.

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Critical Strike Mod Apk Free Download

  • When the file is downloaded then go into settings of your Android, Settings >> Security.
  • Here ins Security Settings mark “Unknown Sources” option, by doing this you give permission to third party to install apps. So enable this.
  • Now go back into the downloaded file and execute it by clicking on it and start the installation.
  • What are you now waiting for? Just enjoy the real action.

It usually happens that sometimes we don’t have access to Play Store or occasionally there are some apps that are not available there. So there is no need to bother, here at this platform we offer these apps for your downloading, which is completely free and you can easily get access almost all the Apks you need.

What is new?

  • There is no bug in this version, so invite your friends and play with them
  • In player profiles you can add new friends
  • You can do chat with your friends about the game even during your play.
  • No ads will be shown now during the play


Critical Strike Mod Apk is an excellent source of enjoyment for those who like suspense, action and shooting in games. This is complete package of all the things just mentioned. It is completely free of cost. Here you will get free money, unlocked different items and player unlocked as well. So this game gives you a good environment to exercise your thrilling strategies and combat tactics freely and get rewarded by showing your best performances.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Is Critical Strike Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes it is 100 % safe to use, there is no bug or malware with this application, as it has been uploaded after proper scanning with best antivirus software, when any application is completely clear from all these scanning, then is uploaded at this platform.

Is Critical Strike Mod Apk free during its usage?

Yes it is completely free to download and use as well. No charges will be taken in future also.

What's new

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