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CS - Counter Strike Terrorist is the fast-paced first-person shooter where you play as a dangerous agent on a task to complete all the missions. This ultimate action game will take you to the world of wars, where you’ll be using army weapons to conquer battles. Take part in the combat and assassinate all the targets from the top of a helicopter. The missions in this game will take you to a new planet of wars where you can use all your specialized skills to survive deadly missions, attacks and shootings.
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November 10, 2021
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This game is a complete package of action, thrill, suspense and unlimited shooting experience. This is an excellent example of action game that is why it is very famous among action game lovers. Multiple guns available and you can choose the gun or pistol you like and fill your barrel with bullets and empty it at your enemies. You can destroy your enemy by using a rocket launcher or throw a grenade on them to kill them. You can be a member of either a terrorist party or an anti-terrorist team, choice is yours; what you like you can choose and become in the game. Free download Counter Strike Condition Zero from here to enjoy the ultimate action experience.

Topic of this game is same which is terrorist attacks and to eliminate terrorist, just like other games of this genre. Something which is different, the choice to select terrorist side or counter terrorist side, choice is yours. And this game revolves around the fights between these above mentioned parties and you have to make successful the side you choose. Counter Strike Condition Zero game full version will be provided here. There are different modes in this game that are Assassination, Escape, Hostage Rescue and Bomb Defuse. So the objectives and duties vary from mode to mode and depend upon the mode you have chosen. Some missions are similar like Assassination and Hostage Rescue as there is hostages involved in both of the missions.

You enter into a territory with your teammates which is full of enemies your mission is to eliminate these enemies which can be terrorists if you choose counter terrorist side and vice versa. You will kill your targets and complete the tasks given to you at the start of every mission. Here you will get new maps in every mission and you will go through the whole territory to search for your enemies and hostages. Sometimes you have to defuse a bomb and in some cases you have to escape from a camp of your enemies where the only important thing is how you penetrate safely out of the camp.

There is also multi player option in this game so more than one player can play at the same time, along with the single player option is present too. So here you can play online as well as offline too. In single player solo play the teammates are being replaced by the bots. Free Counter Strike Condition Zero game full version download for PC is available here.


The gameplay of Counter Strike Condition Zero is very attractive and interesting; at the start you will have some time to buy the weapons like pistols, guns, rifles, machine guns and other ammunition to destroy your opponent side. There are different rounds which are of 5 minutes and the teams will require making points by either killing the members of the competing team or just complete their team’s objective. The team which has more points than a fixed amount of points will be the winner. The players who die before the game is finished will become spectators and their chat will no longer be visible to active players.

For beginners the availability of offline play is a great facility so they can improve their skills and speed to proceed in the game can be increased. So they can survive from the merciless world of CS online. There are 6 challenges and have 18 missions, so an offline player has to complete all these missions to get succeeded. And every challenge is consist of 3 missions so one has to complete 3 missions to move on for the next level. And every coming new mission would be difficult than the previous one. Each mission will consists of the tasks like defusing a bomb, killing the enemies or rescue the hostages.

There is a tutor system also in the game this includes the instructions about defusing a bomb, the procedures to rescue the hostages and other tactics for the gameplay. The tutor system can help the players during the game by giving guidelines and this tutor system can be turned off also.

Single Player Modes

Counter Strike Condition Zero presents two single player modes; Tour of Duty and Deleted Scenes are the single player mode which come with Condition Zero free download for Windows 7 including other versions like Windows 8, Windows 10. Tour of Duty mode provides the player with play in regular maps in an arcade. The principle of this mode is the same as the original game has, such that the objectives are similar; to help hostages, to kill all the members of the enemy group and to complete all the targets to win the mission. There are some restrictions and requirements that come with the orders which once fulfilled; the player is awarded with a point. To open the next map this point is necessary or for hiring new bots as team members.

Deleted Scenes the second mode provides a tight story catalyzed by action. You will take the missions as an agent in this mode, and you will buy weapons and other equipment needed as this would not be available anywhere else and you will complete some missions. The game ground is good and interesting as well you will definitely enjoy the play.

Information About The Game

Game by Valve
Platform: PC
User Rating: 8.5/10
Operating System Windows
License Free
Size of The Game –MB


Features of the game


It has good graphics and it seems that the game has been built on Half-Life engine which was considered very well for game development a few years ago. But the graphics still compete with the present day games very well. The color schemes used and the maps of the game are so beautiful and looks like you are in the real world.

Bots as team mates

You have bots as team members that mimic the veteran of the game skills and help you in a handful way during your play.

Language options

You can change the language of the game by going into the Rev.ini text file.

Tutor section

Those who are new to this game, they have been provided with guidelines and for this purpose special missions have been designed  to help naïve players to increase their speed and improve their skills.

Multiple modes of the game

There are four modes in this game and which are Assassination, Escape, Hostage Rescue and Bomb Defuse, all the modes have different objectives and targets to achieve. Some aspects in all the modes are matching with one another, like shooting and elimination of the enemies is present in almost every mission.

How to Download?

Counter Strike Condition Zero is very easy to download and is completely free of cost. You can download counter strike condition zero setup for PC, by clicking the following link.

  • This game is equally interesting and attractive for both the beginners one and for trained players as well.
  • It can be played in online multiplayer mode.
  • Multiple offline campaigns
  • Tutor sessions for the new players
  • Support of bots in place of humans and that will help you in eliminating enemies
  • As graphics seems to be old and dated to some extent and depicts some kind of vintage look.
  • The attraction is lesser than present day action games.
  • Online community is decreasing.


Counter Strike Condition Zero is an excellent action game which gives an astonishing experience of shooting and combating. What a single player mode gets are 18 different missions that are different from each other every mission has its own unique map and objectives. The targets in missions are overlapping to some extent such as in releasing some hostages you have to kill some enemies as you do in other missions which contains only killing of enemies. So the game plan is very interesting, terrorists and counter terrorist team are the two sides in this game, you have to choose either side of the two.

You can play it in single player mode that has two modes; Tour of Duty and Deleted Scenes are the two modes. Solo player can hire bots as team members so that they will help you in accomplishment of your missions. There is also multi player option which is online one and you can play with different players in different regions of the world. So everything is impressive in this game that will never let to get bored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the language of the game and how can I do this?

Yes you can change the language of the game, you only need to go into CS folder and find rev.ini. text file and then open it notepad and search for language. Here change the language according to your desire and save.

Should I choose to download Counter Strike Condition Zero for PC?

If you are the new to this game and never have played this game before then it is the right choice for you to download and play.


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