C1S2 1.6 Update Version Official Release Date BGMI/PUBG Mobile ?


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September 13, 2021
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Reunion: Classics Encore
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1. Metro Royale: Reunion
2. Titans: Last Stand
3. Vikendi
4. Runic Power
5. Survive Till Dawn
6. Payload 2.0
7. Infection Mode
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Royale Pass Month 4: Temporal Warrior
New themed sets available now!
1. Updates monthly. More rewards at the same price!
2. Purchase the pass to participate in the all-server Golden Chicken Draw!


The C1S2 1.6 Update Version Official Release Date BGMI/PUBG Mobile is getting ready for a major revamp. The update will be released on September 14th, after the current update for the game. As usual, the new updates have included many new features that have been created to make the game more exciting and entertaining.

I am sure that you will really enjoy the new content and mechanics coming with C1S2 1.6 Update Version Official Release Date BGMI/PUBG Mobile. The new additions will certainly make everything look nicer and classier. Just make sure that you’re connected to the internet before playing the game and that’s it!

This should bring a number of new content, bug fixes, and performance improvements that have been buried under the previous updates. One of the most sought-after things with this update is the new social networking feature that adds functionality for reaching out to your friends and much more.

PUBG Mobile is a completely free-to-play, award-winning multiplayer browser game. It is an amazing online multiplayer browser game that provides a free-to-play feature with a focus on the usage of many maps and modes. The game has many different features, many of which are not available in any other online browser game. It also includes a free practice mode for new players that helps them perfect their aim and strategies before entering into the battle arena with more aggressive opponents.

What Is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a top-rated Free To Play Mobile Games and is known for its excellent gameplay and amazing graphics. You can enjoy the same high-quality gameplay that you get from the PC version of PUBG. The game has many exciting modes and you can always test your tactical skills and compete with millions of other players all over the world. This Free to Play mobile game has many modes and events where you will learn to use different tactics and weapons to destroy your enemies and bring them to the brink of defeat before you finally eliminate them.

All the classic battles you are used to playing in classic video games have been recreated in PUBG. The outstanding visual effects and highly detailed environment of this game are simply amazing. You will feel like you are in the war field just like in real life. The controls are simple yet you can use them to turn the tide of battle. You are provided with several game modes which you can switch between easily according to the mood of the game you are into at that time.

Unlimited Adventure:

PUBG Mobile has many different kinds of players ranging from casual gamers to hardcore PvP players. Some of the modes include PVP battles in which one team fights against another in an effort to take down each other. There is also player versus environment missions that pit players against enemy players within the game environment.

Top-Notch Graphics:

With PUBG Mobile, players can choose to play on their own or in a co-op game with other players. The graphics and audio of PUGG Mobile are top-notch. The graphics are crisp and the sounds match the quality of everything else in the game. The game interface is simple and easy to understand. It is fun to see people from all over the world join in on the fun in this mobile video game.

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Play With Friends:

In addition to playing PUGG Mobile, players can also play with their friends using their favorite social networking sites. They can post messages and pictures with their Pugs and share their adventures. The game allows players to complete missions and level up their characters. There are many achievements in the game that require the player to complete missions and battles in order to gain rewards.

Many Weapons:

There are numerous weapon types available for you to choose from and you will surely find one or two that you will like playing the most. As the screen fills up with enemies, you will need to call upon your allies to help you in your quest to annihilate them. There are many more interesting things you can do in this highly thrilling PUBG Mobile game.


The game can be downloaded for free and players can challenge their friends or other players around the world who have the game installed on their phones. They can also connect with other players on the social networking site on their social pages. Many times players will find that they have several friends that play the same video game as them and start competing against each other. The game is available for download free and players can play it anytime they want.



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