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Play the top-rated tower defense franchise in this all new head-to-head strategy game!
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July 25, 2021
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Bloons Tower Defense 6

The players who have played the mobile and flash games must have come through an attractive game series introduced by Ninja Kiwi. Yes I am talking about Bloons Tower Defense game series which is now just called Bloons TD only. The version of this game is Bloons TD 6 and it has very interesting gameplay and it is loved by mobile user gamers. This new version has come with more improved graphics and other best things. With all this development there is room still in its interface improvement. But this version is far improved in performance than the previous one.

Usually a new version of every game is better than the previous one in the graphics, color combinations, animations used and game plan as well. When someone will start playing Bloons TD 6 must feel the difference in color scheme and the animations used and it can be easily judged that a considerable effort has been done in improving the image quality and the color variants in the new version. If compare its picture brightness and super effects used with the previous Bloons TD 5 then it feels much better and more attractive as well. And the most interesting thing is that to make the game experience more interesting; the game is 3D.

Those people who have latest Android devices may feel a little slowness of their mobiles, but it can be neglected. But those with an older version of Android devices must feel a considerable problem in running this version on their devices so it can make their cell phones overall speed slower and make some lagging as well. Even the latest mobiles will face such sort of problems when you play it for longer intervals of time.

The amazing and attractive features of this game will make you impatient in attaining this game, but here is a little problem; this is a paid game. Some users will buy it straight forward as they don’t have any kind of financial problems, but what for those, who don’t want to buy it ? Hence there is no need to worry, here we are with the solution to this problem. We are giving you the facility to download the latest version Bloons TD 6 Apk free of any cost and it is installable and works very efficiently and meets all your needs. So save your money and enjoy amazing gameplay and to know complete information about free downloading and installation, don’t skip a single paragraph of this article to avoid any difficulty during downloading or installation.

Why should I take Bloons TD 6 Apk?

Balloons Tower Defense is not free, it takes your $5.99 to give you full access to play the game, and Apk is required to make those apps workable and executable on Android devices that are not made for the Androids. So these are the major two reasons that will drive you toward Bloons Tower Defense Apk. First of all it can make this game executable and run on your Android device so you can enjoy this amazing game on your Android, and further more it is being provided free of any cost at this plate form. So you save here money too, and get free BTD 6 downloaded. Here in Apk you will get all the monkeys unlocked and get bulk of in game money also.

Information about Bloons TD 6 Mod APK 17.1

Name of the App Bloons TD 6 Apk
Android required 5.0 and above;
Latest version 17.1
Developed by Ninja Kiwi
Price and license Free
Size 58M
Category of game Strategic game

How to play?

The gamepaly of this game is just awesome. Those people who have not encountered with Bloons Tower Defense game so far, they will please to know about the interesting game plan and ever changing game progress. Simply there are balloons which are many in numbers and these balloons will try to find way through the map and move in to your base. What is your task…? Your task is just to stop them from reaching to your base; if a specific number of balloons will cross your defenses and reach your base then you have been defeated.

In this Bloons TD 6 there have been more monkey towers added, new types of balloons and much more upgrades in the game. Here you have to make monkey towers for shooting the balloons to stop them from reaching the base of the player. So here is a test of your abilities to use the resources to tackle the balloons which have become more powerful in this version, which makes it more challenging game. It is a strategy game that will test your strategic approaches toward the chaos inflicted by these balloons on your base.

Features of bloons td 6 apk mod

As like the previous versions of the Bloons TD series, this version has same basic features of gameplay and game plan, but there are some new and some improved features in BTD 6. Here is the detail;


These are Mother Of All Balloons, and these are an enemy that will give definitely some hard time. These can only be tackled with the use of special kinds of monkey towers that will destroy these. In this game the balloons are your enemies you have to destroy all these to win this game. There is a new entry balloons which are purple balloons you have to make proper steps in tackling those enemies.

Multiple ne upgrades

With other upgrades there are 3 upgraded paths that are used to choose ways of selecting monkey towers. Level 5 upgrades are powerful enough that only one monkey can have. Each powerful monkey comes in every game with 2 upgrades.

New towers

Now there are increased number of towers that is 21, every tower is with five upgrades, four greater than the previous version. There are three new appearances which are; Engineer Monkey, Alchemist Monkey and Druid Monkey. Now you can fight with the balloons in multiple ways which was missing in previous versions. Now there are types of ways in which you can upgrade your towers so that an optimum defense for your base is accomplished.

Fresh maps

In Bloons TD 6 there are 36 maps now to play. Some of them has such 3D objects that will stop your vision completely and make it more challenging to tackle with balloons and save your base. So to become a dominant monkey you have to play every single map in the game.

Hero monkeys

There are now 9 hero monkeys available each with 20 upgrades, and you can use any one of those. Here these monkeys pass through the balloons with ease and you can change their skin to make your game experience more interesting.

How To Download And Install;

Bloons TD Apk is completely free to download and use after installation, so follow the following steps download and install it on your Android.

  • Click on the link below for Bloons TD 6 Apk

Download Bloons TD 6  Apk Free

  • When download is complete, then open the file Township Mod Apk in the file manager and start the installation.
  • After the installation is completed, then start playing the game and destroy every balloon that comes in your way.
  • The main benefit of the Bloons Tower Defense Apk is its free of any cost availability and easy downloading and installation. Here you will get all monkeys unlocked and gets bulk of in game money also. It has beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay as well. Apk provides you with BTD 6 running on your Android without any problem and lets you enjoy the real experience of the game.
  • This version Bloons Tower Defense 6 uses a large chunk of memory so the users who use older Android devices, this will slow down their speed, and it can make your overall phone speed slower.

Final Words

Bloons TD 6 Apk is an amazing game with excellent features and gameplay that make you addictive to it. This Apk file is free to download and install so that making it easy availability to the gamers. The different types of balloons, and monkeys with unique upgrades, that make this version more attractive and amusing. At the start there are dart shooters to bust the balloons but as the game proceeds they become ineffective as some armored balloons come into the way. So here cannons play vital role and you will get a variety of cannons as the time passes in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Is it safe to use Bloons TD 6 Apk?

Yes it is 100 % safe to use this Apk, as there is no bug or malware in this application, because it has been uploaded after proper scanning with best antivirus software. We upload every application after complete scanning and debugging so that user gets no problem, so feel free to use any kind of app downloaded from this platform.

Is Bloons TD 6 Apk free during its usage?

Yes it is completely free to download and use as well. No charges will be taken in future also.

What's new

Give your opponent a case of swamp fever in an all new map: Marsh! The tight turns of this washed up wetland makes it perfect for shutting down rushes using Tack Shooters and Apprentices and some prime water placement areas means filling the bog with Buccaneers is sure to have the opposition floundering. Good luck!
* 6.12.1 contains bug fixes.



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