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Enter an outlandish alternate history where the world’s military leaders are actually sensible people, and the warring forces of the Axis and Allies realize that a world war would literally be the worst thing ever. So, they decide that it would be a lot less messy (and a ton more fun) if we just picked the greatest, most trigger-happy shooters and troopers from both sides to fight it out in amazing team arenas full of guns, bombs, tanks, and other crazy tools that make things go boom.
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Blitz Brigade Mod APK

Action games have always been remained the favorite part of the entertainment of game lovers. Especially First Person Shooting games have got peaks of fame among other action games. When the topic is action games then how can one forget to mention Blitz Brigade; an awesome FPS action game. This game is very popular in action game lovers and those who have played Team Fortress will find the similar gameplay. So you need diamonds to unlock different things in this game, that are very hard to get, so if you use Blitz Brigade Mod Apk with full easy access to diamonds, then you will find that diamonds are already present in your bucket.

This game is available on both App Store and Google Play and you can download it, but you will not get diamonds (IAP Currency) that are necessary to have by a player to unlock different players and levels. You will notice that these diamonds are very hard to earn as after completing one level you will get one diamond (IAP Currency). If you buy some diamonds (IAP Currency) then you will be entered into VIP club, soon you will get some benefits like after each battle you will get 50 % more XP and 10 % coins and also you will get some other premium features.

There are mainly two modes; single player mode and multi player mode. The essence of the game is multiplayer mode. As the whole storyline, is lying within multiplayer mode. In single player mode you only have to defend against enemy waves and these are predetermined. So the IAP Currency (gold and exp) can be used when you are playing in multi player mode. So when you are offline then you can play in single player mode.  And there are further more characters you will find in multi player mode and each character has its own characteristics and specialties.

Blitz Brigade Mod APK for iOS

The great thing to mention is that this game is available on App Store and can be played on iOS devices as this requires no root. And it has a nice gameplay, so the people who are having iOS devices will feel the real entertainment through playing Blitz Brigade. But the problem is advertisements and difficulty to get IAP currency for unlocking different things. So you will get the solution of this problem when you download Blitz Brigade Mod Apk, you will get ads free gamepaly and premium features of this game free.

Blitz Brigade Mod APK for Android

The applications that have Apk in their names are for Android devices, and can be easily downloaded and installed on your devices. So you will get interesting gameplay and uninterrupted entertainment. This Apk will enable players to en joy ads free gameplay and they will also get some easy IAP currency and many other premium benefits. So enter into a battle that involves history of Axis and Allies powers that have fought world war. So find the shooters and troopers with firearms, bombs, tanks and other similar things that need just a single touch to make everything BOOM.


The gameplay is very engaging and it will not let you bored. If you have ever played Counter Strike then you will see many resemblances in gameplay of these two great games. There are overall 5 characters of which Soldier is an attacking person and attack the enemies and the Medic is having the ability to heal opponents and fires potions through his weapons. And the other three will require efforts from you to unlock them by clearing the levels.

Blitz Brigade has 5 maps and overall some modes. You start your game from first level and do complete the task and you will fight battles in further levels to protect the benefits of your side and kill as many enemies as possible. As the game proceeds the story of the game also unravels. So you will get a diamond after every level which can be used in specific quantity to unlock weapons and other characters.

There are 7 classes naming strategic Engineer, the overwhelming hitting Gunner, disastrous Demolisher, resilient soldier, the wisdom Stealth, the surprising Medic and the precise Sniper.  So you can unlock these classes and can make the flawless looking plans of the enemy to get failed. Customize the classes to tackle the enemy strengths. A Sniper can see through dividers and stealth that can’t be seen by other means.

Modes in Blitz Brigade

There are mainly two modes that are single player mod and multi player mode. In case of single player mode you will enter into a predetermined time and targets that involve enemy waves that you will have to clear. And here the IAP currency earned can also be used in multi player mode.

The multi player mode is having the main story line and this mode further involves two modes which are; Domination and Death match. In Domination mode you have to capture the key positions of the enemy by destroying the enemy there and along with it you have to shield your own position as well. So here you will need a considerable collaboration and have to stick the plan.

In Death match, here there would be clear firefight and here you have to score more murders for your grip to finish higher. One more mode that in worthy to discuss is Capture the Flag; in this mode you have to enter the fortification of foes and you will have to swipe the banner to your base before blown into pieces.

Features of Blitz Brigade Mod Apk


The graphic quality of this game is excellent and it has 3D graphics and everything can be seen clearly and resembles the original things.

Online play

There can be 12 players that can fight at the same time when playing online in a disastrous battle which will give the players excellent amusement and entertainment. To get new difficulties and new challenges you will have to catch restricted time occasions so that you can get some extraordinary weapons and other useful things. In MMO group you can join or make a squad for squashing worldwide to get more rewards and amusement.

7 different classes

These classes can make your difficulties in tackling the enemies easy. So a good blending f these classes can show you the hidden plans and stealth as well.

Voice chat

To design your FPS system you have a chance of voice chat and you can make call to partners for more entertaining fight.

Excellent modes

There are multiple modes that have different gameplay and these will give you the action you want. So get ready to enjoy the real entertainment in different modes of this game. You can play even offline in single player mode and this will let you to earn some IAP currency that can be used in multi player modes.

Variety of vehicles to use

There are multiple vehicles that can be used in this game that involve tanks, helicopters and trucks etc.

Detailed Maps

The maps are full of required information and are complete in detail.

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How to Download and install Blitz Brigade Mod Apk

It is very easy to free download and install Blitz Brigade Mod Apk, you just need to click on the following downloading link.

When the Apk file is downloaded then go to you mobile settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources >> Turn it On.

Now go into the Downloads and start installing Blitz Brigade Mod Apk, it will be installed in few moments, so enjoy the awesome gameplay.

  • There are unlimited gems and other IAP currency that include coins and diamonds that are required in buying different things and for unlocking of some characters.
  • There is no root required for any device so you need no worries. It is antiban so there is no chance to get blocked etc.
  • There is no lag in playing this game online provided you have a stable internet connection (3G or WIFI).
  • There are no ads during your play so this mod version of Blitz Brigade provides you with uninterrupted gameplay with other premium features.
  • User interface is a little crowded, so at start you might get some difficulty but soon you will get used to it.
  • The control customization is limited. There are only three presets for controls that you have to follow. But in controls there is an option of 180 degrees rotation so it is very useful when enemy attacks you from behind.

Final Verdict

Blitz Brigade Mod Apk is an excellent application and provides you better gameplay as compared to official version of Blitz Brigade available on App store and Google Play. As the normal free version has some limitations that will affect your gameplay, these limitations are; limited diamonds (IAP currency) and advertisements are shown when oyu play the game. So Blitz Brigade Mod Apk will provide you unlimited IAP currency (Coins + Diamonds) and the most important thing is that it shown no advertisements, hence providing the players with uninterrupted gameplay.

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