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Avast Cleanup is a highly effective cache and junk cleaner app for Android that lets you master your device’s performance, memory, and more.
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Varies with device
October 13, 2021
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Avast Cleanup Pro Apk an astonishing effective and useful cache and junk cleaner app, it is in Apk format which supports Android devices. This is good app for removing the data that is of no use from Android. Increase the free space in your mobile and improves your Android gadgets and also makes its operating speed higher. The Phone Cleaner differentiates and cleans the useless big files that are a burden on your mobile’s memory. To uninstall applications you need to tap once and the unused app will be deleted.

Android devices store enormous data including important and unnecessary data as well. Due to this it is common that the device’s memory gets overloaded and you have to check out your data for useless items, so that these useless items could be deleted to make memory of your mobile free. You have to repeat this after some time if you download data from social media and use those apps that use too many cookies so these will make your mobile memory overloaded soon. And it is very painful when you are downloading an item that is very urgent and the option arises on the screen that “Storage Full”. Manufacturing companies have made efforts to cope with this problem and to stop your devices to get overloaded. One of the best such efforts made is Avast Cleanup Pro Apk.

Avast Software has developed Avast Cleanup Pro for the Android users and it has enormous positive reviews and 10 million plus downloads as well. It is a fabulous application for the improved functioning of Android devices. Avast Software’s such products have been very useful for other devices like Windows, Mac etc… At present when everyone knows it is for Androids, so people are searching for the methods to download it and use it. Avast Cleanup Pro Mod Apk is not free and it is a paid product and it is difficult for many to buy it, some do not afford and some have reservations regarding its price. Here we are giving you free Avast Cleanup and Boost Pro Apk, so that you can use it file and enjoy its benefits.

One more thing important is that Avast Cleanup Premium Apk is some kind of different from other commonly available versions on Google Play. Here you will get some advantage like absence of teasing ads and banks that arise during your use which make you feel bad. And this app will cleanup your device’s memory more efficiently and deeply in order to make effective useless material from your device.

How does Avast Cleanup Pro Mod Apk works?

Data in the mobile is automatically analyzed and the available memory is shown against the total memory of the device like the percentage of the memory used and the total memory in GBs. The capacity of the mobile is apparent to the user so user can see the data available in the device. Here it includes an interesting feature if you feel that the processing speed of your mobile is slowed down and the files are not running and opening smoothly then you can press Memory Boost option. This option is always visible on your screen. So the useless files are deleted. So the oprations of this app on your mobiles have been so simple and easy to use.

If we come toward the pictures in your mobile, this appkication shows the GBs held by these photos. And whenever you check these sections the app breaks up data in such a way that you can easily see the junk data. Here all the data have been filtered already for you now you just need to press the delete button and get rid of the junk files that are putting burden on your mobile memory.

The battery of the mobile is also a critical one; if the apps on your mobile are not optimized properly then these can drain your battery very soon. When it is not optimized the notification will be sent by the application to signal the durability of the battery. You can make the battery healthier by creating a profile. This app will also show the time before your battery ends up. The performance of your battery will be shown that in how many time it will be drained and also it will give information about the apps that use most of the battery. So this app will help you maintain the battery life of your mobile.

Features of Avast Cleanup Pro Full Apk

These are the features that make a product famous and popular in the public. The features of Avast Cleanup Pro Apk are so much impressive that attract a lot of audience toward it. Here are some features that cannot be ignored,

Analysis of applications

The applications in your device are analyzed and evaluated on the basis of their necessity by Avast Cleanup Pro Apk which does it flawlessly. Furthermore suggestions are given to the users that how to use applications and if some app is putting more burden on your device’s memory you can put it into inactive mode to save the memory of your device. It also remove pre-added bloatware and other applications that are no use of you and whose utility is zero.

Ads removed

There is lot of ads that pops up on common versions of Avast Cleanup pro apk. There are some occasions when someone has to watch adds more than 25 seconds and this is quite annoying and make you unhappy. But here in Avast Cleanup Pro Apk this problem has been solved so you will experience ad free service.

Increase the speed of the RAM

All the background running applications on your device are easily noticed and assessed by the Avast Cleanup Pro Apk. When analysis is completed one will find al list of files, and one can stop the functioning of these apps and make the RAM speed improved by stopping these apps functioning.

Cleanup is very quick

Junk files, cache data, empty folders, temporary files etc, are scanned and detected by Avast Cleanup Pro Apk with a single click. And now it is upon you that whether you select files individually or collectively to remove these from your mobile quickly.

Photo Optimization

This option can be used for the compression of all the photos on your phone. The plus point is that the quality of the photos will not be affected but their size will be reduced significantly. And last but not the least it will save your mobile memory as well.

Saving of the battery

To create profile for your mobile battery, the Battery Saving mode helps you. There are 4 main configurations which contain work, the home page, car and low battery. Here you can customize your own profile for the battery to make it easy for you managing your battery with more efficiency.

Cleanup automatically

There is one more attractive feature which no app will give you, it is automatic cleanup of your phone. If a person is too much busy in his routine life that he hardly gets time for his device cleanup then in Avast Cleanup Pro Apk provides you Auto-Clean feature. So when you enable this option, the app will automatically cleans up your mobile memory of garbage when you mobile speed gets slow.

No matching Theme

There are 6 different kinds of themes that are supported by Avast Cleanup Pro Apk all these are in diversified colours or your choice. So this will make normal cleaning activity interesting.

More information

Name : Avast Cleanup – Storage Cleaner and RAM Booster
Developer: Avast Software
Apk Size :21.7 MB
Name & Code of Version: 4.12.2 (539801)

Price– Free of cost

 How to download and install Avast Cleanup Pro Apk Free on Android?

Avast Cleanup Pro Apk is paid product but if you want to get it free, then you have an opportunity to get it free at this platform. Hare you will download it with Apk file. Make sure your internet cable is plugged correctly and your WiFi device is ok and your net connection is stable as well, if everything is ok then don’t wait anymore and download it by following some  basic and easy steps as follows;

  • Click on the following link, to get free Avast Cleanup Pro Apk;

Download free Avast Cleanup Pro Apk

  • If you have old version of Avast Cleanup Pro, then remove it first.
  • If you have not install an Apk file on you mobile, and it is the first time you are going to install an application from a source other than Google Play, then first go to the settings then into security and then turn on “Unknown sources” option.
  • When file is downloaded, go to the folder that contains the downloaded Apk file and click on it and start installation.
  • When installation is over then you can use Avast Cleanup Pro Apk for the betterment of your mobile.

Final Words

Avast Cleanup Pro Apk is one of the most used and liked mobile cleaner with some outstanding toolset that we have hardly seen before. As with just one click it can boost up your mobile in very short time. The entire feature it has are quite interesting and unique that anyone if use it, will not like other product of such kind. If you find any kind of difficulty or confusion during its usage, then don’t stop yourself from asking us about the solution in the comment section below.

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