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Angry Bird Match Mod APK (Coins/Gems/Lives/Moves) For Android

In an era of 3D games, none of us is unaware with the miraculous 3D technologies in which facial recognition, voice recognition, gesture control, amazing graphics, and high definition display. Not only this but many more like wearable gaming, cloud gaming and mobile gaming as well.

Let’s get few years back to our teens, when the technology advancement was trying hard to be on peak and the trend of mobile gaming was quite new for all of us. At that time a game was introduced with a great gesture control power. Angry birds match mod apk is the most loved and handy game ever. At that time in December 2009, when the first game of this series “Angry bird mod apk “was introduced, smartphones were getting invented to get common among the public. Initially this game was only for IOS users. 😍

Angry birds mod apk was the unique game with a uncommon sort of idea. Gesture control technology was used in angry birds mod apk with which we are familiar today. The storyline of angry birds mod apk was quite interesting, like it was a battle ground of two opponents. In first team there was a bunch of cute, furry birds who were trying to destroy their enemy, the green pigs, which used to try hard and sometimes get succeeded to snatch the eggs of those birds. This battle was control by the users with the help of sling shots as the weapons against the green goofy pigs to destroy them.

Why Developers Present The Idea Between Birds And Pigs?

Basically this was the idea came from the developers team due to a reason which was swine flu. At that time swine flu was a huge issue and was the part of news as a widespread disease. So the team decided to highlight birds as the opponents of pigs.

We aren’t in an information age; we are in an entertainment age.
-Tony Robbins

Angry Birds Series Characters

The angry bird series of games and films have different characters with different skills and powers. 😊

  • The RED 🐦

A bit serious but a cute furry bird, who is the leader of the whole Flock. He does have the strong ability to destroy the unwanted invaded piggies.

  • The CHUCK 🐥

The yellow long peak birdie has the rare ability to deal with wood as it’s been said about chuck that “GOOD WITH WOOD”. He can destroy all the wood structures of pigs within few seconds.

  • The BOMB 💣

The explosive, black big guy has the short tempered nature as his name says a lot about him. He can make explosions to destroy bad guys, the piggy gang.

  • The STELLA 🕊️

Stella, the most good looking and with different ability to deal with the enemy. Stella can wrap up the objects into bubbles and then can throw them away for destruction purpose.

  • The TERENCE 💥

Terence has very heavy personality apparently but indeed he is full of emotion

s and have soft corner for the flock members. He has damaging nature for the enemy pigs.

  • The MATILDA 🧘‍

The coolest yoga lady bird, who does have exceptional destruction spirit to knock down the piggy gang.


The mighty eagle is the name of power house and the most experienced bird on the birds island, which gets old now, but does know all the strategies to deal with bad pigs.

  • The LEONARD and Evil Pigs 🐷

The evil green pigs are well-known when it comes to angry birds 2 mod apk update, but here is another surprise character from the piggies side called “Leonard” who is known as king pig as well.

  • The BLUES 👶

Adorable tiny blue furry triplets named Jim, Jake, jay have combined power to attack at once with a single slingshot. They can prove themselves destructive by attacking the enemies from different angles.


Newly, hatched wooly, sweet-colored and tiniest baby birds they are. They are numberless and the evil piggies really want to have them. The whole fight is because of them and for the new eggs.

  • The SILVER 😂

This female angry bird has exceptional sense of humor when she has to fun with the flock but when it comes to deal with the opponent; she has the killing flying powers to destroy the targeted area.

Without any further due let’s get deeper into this article to know more about your all-time favorite games.

Angry Birds 2 Mod APK

We all used to play the angry birds 1 in our teens a lot. At that time we used to call it perfect 3D game but with the passage of time and gaming evaluation, angry birds 1 become outmoded. A time comes when the sequel of this game was extremely needed to make these game fans happy. The developers perform the job which was exactly expected by launching angry bird 2 mod apk game.

Angry birds 2 mod apk covers almost all flaws which make the angry bird 1 mod apk old-fashioned. If we talk about the storyline, then the entire story was the same but with changes which make angry birds 2 mod apk way better than before. The developers make some additional characters of birds and piggies to make the battle field experience improved and unique than before.

Angry birds 2 mod apk free shopping has more levels to play with chapters division. It comes with 10 chapters and almost 40 levels each chapter. This means angry birds 2 mod apk 2020 is providing you to ground to play with your favorite characters up to 400 levels. Not only has this but a tremendous way to end a chapter by shifting the players on boss screened to make an end memorable.

Sounds Great? 😉

As in angry bird 2 apk mod the goofy green pigs are not simple as they were in angry bird 1, so to deal with them the angry birds who are trying to save their eggs from getting scrambled by these pigs, needs to have some exceptional skills as well as the powers. 💪

The competition is getting tough, and tough so to choose the right bird for mission accomplishment is very compulsory. So, you could stop bad piggies to get invaded in birds land.

Initially, angry birds 2 mod apk no ban came out for public use on 30 July, 2015 but angry birds 2 mod apk new version come along with updates almost every year as angry birds 2 mod apk latest version. The battle of new/updated and old versions always revolve around the likes and dislikes of the users.

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Not every one of us likes the newest version or dislikes the previous one. So, people around the globe choose between old and new version of angry birds 2 mod apk unlimited coins as per their needs and likes. 😎

The slingshot strategy demands to choose the right birds with maximum destructive abilities to destroy the evil piggy blocks. Angry birds 2 mod apk unlimited all will let you experience different levels with multiple stages to testify your skill to deal with bad porkies. 🐽


Angry birds 2 mod apk gems have endless and diverse range of features.

Birds’ Selection:🤔

You can choose more than one bird to attack on the porkies. It all depends on the number of birds you have unlocked. Even though after unlock the characters, you may have to choose the bird for a specific number which depends on the number of times you unlocked that bird.

Regular Missions:

You have to chase down daily tasks and missions to get all sort of free stuff for a level purpose in angry birds 2 mod apk free download. All the mission would be based on main theme of angry birds 2 mod apk unlimited everything.

Clan Joining: 👥

Angry birds 2 mod apk unlimited gems and coins introduce a very unique, and massive fun feature which brings the friends and strangers for the common cause. You have two options when it comes to joining a clan; firstly, you can be part of any current clan with completely strangers or with your friends as well as with a combination of both.

Secondly, you can create you’re your customized group as well in angry birds 2 mod apk no root as per your needs and requirements.

Hats and Black pearls Collection: 🎩

In angry birds 2 mod apk old version, and new version the black pearls have a very significance power as worthy money. You can use this money for the sake of special hats for your birds. There are diverse set of hats and wigs which are available at different cost and different influence overall on the performance of the birds.

All the wigs and hats work differently while playing angry birds 2 mod apk all levels unlocked as it will multiply your power according to the hat or wig capability. Not only has this but also angry birds 2 mod apk 2018 given you an opportunity exchange your expensive few hats for the sake of cheaper hats which will help you to get multiplier for your game field.

Competition Showground: ⚔️

Angry birds 2 mod apk new version download has spectacular range of AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLEGENCE) agents to play against the human player to give the human player a healthy tough time so the competition sounds like a battle between two opponents.

In the encounter ground of angry birds 2 mod apk unlimited gems and coins latest version the AI agents can also gain a good score with a maintained level in case the human player is not able to cope up with the AI agents ability.


Angry birds 2 mod apk unlimited everything latest version has a detailed score card called leaderboards, which have the details about your attained score, your current level in game and your other achievements related to the angry birds 2 mod apk last version and in current version.

Gift Card: 🎁

After the completion of any daily mission or to achieve the full star score of angry birds 2 mod apk download, you can get gift cards with a different valuable gifts in which hats, wigs, other birds as well as power multipliers.

Power of Blues: 💪

The most special addition in angry birds 2 mod apk download 2018 is the new characters called blues as whole but indeed they are of three cute furry birds named Jake, Jim and jay. You have to launch them as a single bird but while reaching towards their target, they will turn into 3 birds and will create destruction on a massive level.

Targeted Angle Support: 🎯

If you are thinking it is hard to hit the target in angry birds 2 mod apk game download then, you don’t need to get worry about it because you will have angle set support to beat the enemy.

Life Lines: ❤️

The number of life lines in angry birds 2 offline mod apk download is limited which make the player more passionate to get their targeted goal with first or at least with a second go, to save the life lines.

Life lines are number of chances which angry bird 2 mod apk game gives you to fight with your competitor.

Diverse level names:

Angry birds 2 mod apk unlimited gems and coins download have a great lack of consistency which is for sure can take your entertainment level beyond the horizon. Lack of consistency means there is a lot of diversity in angry bird 2 mod apk that even though the levels haven’t simple or same names. Every level has its unique and rare name than the previous one.

Social Media Connectivity: 🔗

You Want To Share Your High Score Publically? 🤩

You Want To Compete With Your Friends While Playing Angry Birds 2 Mod APK 2017?

You Want To Interact With The People Within The Game?

The answer for all questions is YES. Angry birds 2 mod apk obb provides broad social media connectivity for all game related stuff.

Multiple players:

Fed Up With Playing It Alone?

Want To Show Your Game Skills To Your Friends?

YES! All the possible options of playing with multiple players are available in angry birds 2 mod apk and obb download to deal with your boredom of being alone in game.

What is Angry Birds 2 Mod APK and Obb?

OBB is a sort of file which sometimes creates to store large belongings related to the apk file by the developers. It works as helping hand to the apk file.

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Angry birds 2 full game mod apk download has the star rating method to rate your gaming performance.

Daily Gems As Gift: 💎

 For regular mission accomplishment you can get a wide range of gems and gifts which you can utilize later for the ease in game.

The Spells:

If your performance is remarkable than the normal, then you can get additional gift card of birds as well as of different spells. Spells are different combination of stuff which can badly harm your challenger.

In the spell ice flakes ❄️, red chili 🌶️, pig inflator, mighty eagle 🦅, and yellow ducks 🦆 are on the top of the list with their different impact on the enemy.

God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages


Pros and Cons

  • A good range of HD graphics, and ear soothing sound quality. 🔊 👌
  • You can play it with your friends and family in a very healthy playing environment.
  • The game can be played on multiple platforms, like the angry bird 2 mod apk is available for windows, android as well as for IOS gadgets.
  • Angry bird 2 mod apk will keep you away from annoying ads. 🕺
  • It can work as tactical as well as best time killer game.
  • All the age year friendly game, which can mesmerize the whole family equally. 👪
  • This game can work as anti-stress game by releasing your stress.
  • Sometimes it gets crashed and you may have to bear the loss of your gems.
  • It can drain your battery life so quickly. 🔋 👎
  • This game work as addictive one for the users and can work as attention diverter for all age groups. 👪
  • The user interface is designed specifically for the left-hand users. This sounds annoying for some people.

Why Angry Bird 2 Mod APK Is Better Than Angry Bird 1 Mod APK?

  • The interface is extremely simple and better than before regarding usability.
  • The graphics are better than the first version with great clarity and user interaction.
  • The progress of your playing level in angry birds 2 mod apk unlimited everything download based on how you understand the whole environment. In angry birds 2 mod apk the game environment is consistency free and easy to get which can generate the better results.
  • The user satisfaction rate is higher when it comes to destruction of enemy as compared to angry birds 1 mod apk.
  • Initially, the social media connectivity in angry bird 1 mod apk wasn’t that satisfactory and result oriented but in angry birds 2 mod apk, there are more and more social media connectivity options available.This can enhance your overall interaction with different people.

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Now, here is a burning Question!

“How To Install Angry Birds 2 Mod APK” 💭

This question might sound difficult, but the answer is way too easy. Angry birds 2 mod apk is available for all operating systems and gadgets supporting those systems. We will go for downloading method step by step and system to system.

Angry Birds 2 Mod APK For Android 📱

Angry birds 2 mod apk download android is just a matter of few simple, and informal steps which you need to follow.

📥 just simply click on the given link to angry birds 2 mod apk download android.

📥 let the downloading done into your phone and tap on the recent downloaded file of angry birds 2 mod apk.

📥 In the result of taping on the downloaded file, you will be able to move towards the security settings of your phone which will ask you to change the settings for the unknown resource’s app.

📥 After turning this off the installation process of will start like normal.

📥once installation gets completed; do turn off the security gateway.

Angry Birds 2 Mod APK For iOS 📱

You have noticed that we are talking about “angry birds 2 mod apk” in this whole term the word apk (android packages kit) which is a special sort of file compatible with only android operating system. So, now the question is that how it would work with IOS? 🧐

Here is the way out in the method of having an app called “Tweakbox app”.

How Does The Tweakbox App Will Work?

  • Download the Tweakbox app on your IOS device via given link.
  • Enter the password right after downloading gets started. If it’s asked for or let it be simple.
  • Next option has two ways to proceed, either you can join the Tweakbox app club for free or you can go for paid membership.
  • Tweakbox with play store like interface will let you have the apk files on your android but this will only work for you, if and only if you have IOS9 in your desired gadget.

 Angry Birds 2 Mod APK For Pc 💻

Big screen will definitely help you to have an amazing battle ground field experience but to get it; you would have to make a little bit effort.

📥 To make the apk file compatible with windows pc, you have to get the android emulator called “BlueStack” from the given link.

📥 After installation completed, do log in with your Google account.

📥 Now you would have to make another step to download angry birds 2 mod apk for pc.

📥 Make a step forward towards my apps in android emulator, and open angry birds 2 mod apk.

📥 Everything is ready, have a great game ahead. ☺️

Angry Birds Match Mod APK

You people are well familiar that angry birds 2 mod apk has the storyline based on slingshots, and all about to destroy the enemy in the best way it could be but angry birds match apk has an entirely different plot but with the same opponents. Angry birds match mod apk has your combination making power as your weapon to defeat your enemy. 😌

Apk mod angry birds match is all about to make matches to rescue the young hatchlings from the greedy green piggies. Your favorite birds like red, bomb, chuck and Matilda will assist you throughout the game. You just need to combine similar items to destroy them, so the rooms could be empty for new items.

The difficulty level to find out the similar items rise up with the passage of levels in angry birds match mod apk new version. There will be some targets to achieve in the form of collection of different items like bad piggies, mud boxes and much other stuff to get promotion to next level.

As far as you take your level up in angry birds match unlimited lives the number of moves allowed in a match will be decreased and number of items which you need to get will increased. This means your skill would have to tackle with it to get succeeded. ✌️


Treasure Unlocking:

During the gameplay, if you are showing a good score card or playing the game as regular player, then you will get the different treasure boxes. All of these boxes contain diverse range of earnings, which means it could be attires for the hatchlings, some extra coins or energy boosters to deal with pesky blocks during the game.

Offline Gameplay:

You can enjoy all the features of angry birds match unlimited lives without internet connectivity but in case you want to play it with your friends by using social media, then you might have to turn on your Wi-Fi connection or cellular data.

Safe And Easy To Use:

The ear soothing sound effects and cute HD graphics of angry birds match unlimited lives make it all age groups friendly and safe with great user-friendly interface. There isn’t any sort of destructive scenes and sound effects which can be damage for the minors.

Unlimited life lines: ❤️

Normally, you can use just 5 life lines to make another try to pass out the level, but in angry birds match mod apk, you can get unlimited life lines without any hurdles.

Power Boosters: 💪

Power booster used to boost up your game energy while playing. You can get numberless power up separately as well as the part of treasure boxes.

Extra Moves Conversion: 💰

If you are a great player, and have achieved your required goals in few moves. In this case you might have left some extra moves which you can convert into coins, and all of those coins can be used later to make any sort of shopping for the cutie pie hatchlings.

No More Annoying Ads: 🚫

In the normal game, you may have to deal with the creepy ads which can definitely destroy your mood while playing angry birds match mod apk new version, but we are providing angry birds match mod apk which will take you away from the pesky ads and will make you able to enjoy the ads free game.

Wide Range Of Outfits: 👗

You can dress up the tiny cuties with different attires. You can buy these attires with your coins as well as can earn them with treasure boxes and can make your hatchlings make more appealing.

Party Celebrations: 🎉

There are a lot of parties in which you can invite 6 hatchlings in each but after sending an invitation you have to find out that specific newly hatched baby bird and for that you may have to attain some specific score goals.

Various Hatchlings: 🐣

There are around 50 hatchlings in angry birds match mod apk which you need to collect by performing well in the game. After having back the little birdie from the greedy piggies, you can dress them up the way you wanted too for the party celebration purpose.

Pros and Cons

  • Easiest and entertaining game plot for all age groups.
  • You can get unlimited life line, gems, outfits, and all that stuff free which considered as in app purchases.
  • Amazing theme based gameplay.
  • Matchless way to defeat your enemy.
  • The combination of 4 or more same items can bring big birds to pop up the maximum number of pigs or other hurdles between you and your achievement.
  • The number of moves left, and the number of targeted item left displayed nicely on the front boards for the player ease.
  • The online connectivity of social media can take you away from the game with a single click.
  • Addictive and mind diverting for the kids as well as for the professionals.
  • You cannot play the entire game offline without internet connectivity.

You have learned a lot about the angry birds match mod apk and about its fun features. Now it’s time to get download game angry birds match mod apk. Without any further due let’s get started;Angry birds match mod apk android 📱

📥 Angry birds match mod apk android can be downloaded from the given link.

📥 let the downloading done and tap on the file from the notification bar or from the downloaded files’ folder.

📥 For installation purpose, you may have to turn off the restriction for the apps from the unknown sources.

📥 To proceed you need to tap on the install button which will take few minutes to get done.

Angry Birds Match Mod APK For IOS 📱

IOS and android supports different file formats as both of these are two different operating system but, it’s not impossible to run or use apk file on IOS system.

Sounds weird?
You Just Need Follow Some Easy To Do Steps.

📥 To get angry birds match mod apk free download in your iOS you need to install another app with the name “Tweakbox “from the given link which will make the apk file compatible even with your IOS device.

📥 Complete the installation by entering password if required.

📥 Now choose between “join Tweakbox club for free” and go to paid subscription.

📥 After this process, join Tweakbox app with your Google account.

📥 Play store like interface is waiting for you.

📥 Now you can open angry birds match mod apk download even in your IOS device but only when you have IOS9 in your device.

Angry Birds Match Mod APK For Pc 💻

Here is again the same case as above the operating system contradiction.

📥 Firstly, you need to download an android emulator named “BlueStack” from the given link.

📥 Secondly, you have to log into android emulator with Gmail.

📥 Download angry birds match mod apk from here.

📥 Now move towards my apps in android emulator, and install angry birds match mod apk into your pc for further use.

Angry Birds Classic Mod APK

Angry birds classic apk is another franchise of same developer but with a lot of new and sensational features for all age groups. The storyline is apparently same but totally different when it comes to fighting techniques. Angry birds classic is the name of clash game for the sake of eggs back between the angry birds and the green goofy pigs. 😒

You can unlock the secret stash of favorable content in case of having three stars during the angry birds classic no ads gameplay. You can ask for the help to mighty eagle if you get stuck on any level. The pigs’ destruction is 100% sure in angry birds classic online because of the power boosters and magical objects to get the level up. 🙋‍

The entire game plot is full of thrill and excitement as every level has a different situation but it never gets dis-tracked from the main theme which is about eggs snatching by the pigs from the cute birdies. 🐤

There is a lot of diversity in angry birds classic mod apk all levels unlocked. On every level the story also moved on. The user interface is way too cooperating and manageable even though for the minors. The new characters are introduced in pigs’ lot as well as in birds population.


Angry birds mod apk unlimited gems and coins have numerous new features which can work as best entertainment for you guys. Without wasting further time let’s get move on.

Laser Target Slingshots: 🎯

The special sort of equipment have been introduced in angry birds classic mod apk unlimited all which is a special slingshot including a special scope. This helps a lot to target the creepy pigs that have snatched the eggs. It creates a special effect of red shimmery particles when you are about to target.

New Addition:

There are some special additions of new characters in both teams. If we talk about the pigs team then the pigs have now get categorized and form an evil team. Angry birds mod apk unlimited everything have characterized small pigs, large pigs, chef pigs, foreman pig and the king pig.

On the other hand “HAL” is the newest character to help the poor birdies to get their eggs back to them. Hal has the special ability to turn over the angle to destroy the opponent.

Additional Powers:

The amazing birds like chuck, and bomb has extended themselves with great powers. Chuck has become more destructive with blown up power, and the bomb has now new range of devastation with his explosive power.


With great level of demolition the Birdquack is the most unique feature of angry birds classic mod apk unlimited coins. This feature works in the favor of birds to create devastation to knock down the pigs entirely.

 The Mighty Feathers:

The mighty feathers have significant power to boost up the smashing rate of the enemy.

Mighty Eagle Rescue:

In case you get jammed while playing angry birds classic mod apk latest version then you can take the help from the mighty eagle once in an hour to cross the level.

Ascending Order Storyline: ⏳

Angry birds classic mod apk 7.9.3 is a great story itself. With the passage of levels the story will get interesting as well as deeper. The situation of every level will reveal itself in ascending order.

Wide Range Diversity:

We have seen that mostly games have same interfaces throughout the game, but in angry birds classic mod apk download every interface and level have its own uniqueness.

Pros and Cons

  • Angry birds classic mod apk works as anti-stress game due to its destructive main idea.
  • Age safety option is amazing as it will not let the player go away from the game to any social media site due to age restriction.
  • Different age group supportive game.
  • The new versions are coming out with an exceptional bug fixing than the previous ones’.
  • You can get customization with protective shields for your birds lot. 🛡️
  • The damaging sound effect might sound offensive to the people of some age years. 🔉
  • Angry birds classic mod apk old version get sometimes stuck and your progress get loose.
  • Battery depletion.

Angry Birds Classic Download For Android 📱

Angry birds classic mod apk free download is available for all operating systems and gadgets. To download it to your android gadgets just simply follow the following steps:

📥 Angry birds classic mod apk is available via mentioned link.

📥 before installation get started you may have to turn off the security restriction from your android device.

📥 Once restriction been turned off, the normal installation will get started.

📥 It would be a matter of few minutes only.

Angry Birds Classic Mod APK Download For IOS 📱

We need a medium between IOS and apk file to make these both compatible with each other. Before going in detail, we would like to mention that this tactic will only work if your device has IOS9 or above.

📥 On first step you have to download “Tweakbox” app from here.

📥 enter the password if required and let the process begin.

📥 choose your subscription package between free and paid subscription.

📥 If the installation done then download the angry birds classic mod apk file for your IOS device.

📥 now open up the apk file and install it to your IOS system for having next level enjoyment.

Angry Birds Classic Game Download For Pc 💻

You need to make an additional download for the sake of angry birds classic in your pc or laptop.

📥 grab the BlueStack android emulator from the given link.

📥 After installation done log in to BlueStack with your Google account.

📥 Let the android emulator on a side and download the angry birds classic mod apk from here.

📥 Now check out my apps in BlueStack and open up the downloaded angry birds classic mod apk.

📥 simply install the app and enjoy the unlimited battle ground.

FAQ’s 🙋(Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is Angry Birds 2 Mod APK Offline?

The internet connectivity is not necessary while playing angry birds 2 mod apk. You can use in app features like you can play the basic game and can use in app rewards.

Is Angry Birds 2 Mod APK Facebook Available?

you can play angry birds 2 mod apk with your Facebook friends as well.

What Is Angry Birds 2 Mod APK Online?

Although the majority features are accessible without internet connectivity but when it comes to join or play in clan or to share your game progress on your social media

What Are Most Favorite Angry Birds 2 Mod APK?

Although the version favoritism depends on likes and dislikes of the people but we will go for majority because “majority is authority”. There are basically 4 different versions which are getting lime light because of their positive reviews. Without any further due let’s have a look on them.

Angry birds 2 mod apk 2.26.1

Angry birds 2 mod apk 2.20

Angry birds 2 v2 17.3 mod apk

Angry birds 2 2.6.5 mod apk

How To Download Angry Birds 2 Mod APK?

The entire method is written above please do visit it.

What Is Angry Birds Classic Maze?

Angry birds classic maze is an online code generation website which use different games as their exemplary items and let the user code to move different characters of different games.

What Are Best Versions Of Angry Birds Match Mod APK?

You guys can decide it on your own as per your desires but we will mention the favorite versions as per the majority say:

angry birds match mod apk 1.1.7

angry birds match mod 1.1.2

angry birds match mod apk 2.1.0

What's new

MORE Angry Birds Friends:
- New original tournaments, new challenging levels, and a new chance to make it to the top of the leaderboard!
- Performance improvements
- Balance tweaking and fine-tuning



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