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Stickman action Game - Anger of Stick 5 : zombie
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October 15, 2021
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Anger Of Stick 5: Zombie( Mod, Unlimited Money)_ Receives an incredibly popular game spread around the world about Steakman, a large number of viewers and admirers. The developers of this game have decided not to end the expansion, where you and everyone will shoot, hack and explode. Bitter is not necessary for this game, because there are eight enemies, you can use weapons as per you will because there are 125 weapons.

And this evil is looking for anything if the undead zombies who thrive on the streets only bloodthirsty and cover them with no change and cover the main factor behind the secret. War of heroes is a verity of applications among the dead, but nothing beats the Anger Of Stick 5. Designed to make the gaming experience as the games with the best graphics on the market in real life. Games you may be responsible for you to ensure the survival of the species and it would be no trace of humanity. Save yourself equipped with the best tools and to prepare for war. Go in peace to be restored by the evil form and specific strategies.

The Anger Of Stick 5 best action game availability: Zombie already popular gaming franchise is the fifth version of adventures of five times the courage and commitment. Game is an action-packed which takes you only hope against the evil zombies. Plan your moves in front of their powers and evil stand. Gather your team and stop the mysterious creatures who came to the city.

Find yourself in the most epic brawls in the history of video games as you dive into the endless battles zombie challenges or fight the enemies on your own as you can take on multiple levels and stages with our awesome stick hero. Pick up a variety of different abilities as you go against different opponents, take them down using your decisive blows, and unlock even more potential inside you. Find yourself going against some of the toughest and most challenging opponents. Come out on top through various challenges and earn yourself some epic rewards.

The World in Anger Of Stick 5:Zombie is free for you to discover. Find out more about this amazing game by reading this article.

Storyline behind the game:x

The game begins with a strange group of enemies suddenly appear in the city and planned to take over it through their evil experiments. As a result, the majority of the population has been turned into the mindless zombies that are now roaming the city.

Knowing this, you and a group of friends are preparing your ultimate quests to take them the criminal and bring peace to the city.. By making uses of your unique power and abilities, you can now go head to head with the Zombies and Enemies.

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves challenging some of the toughest enemies in the world of stick figures along with some of the nastiest zombies. Find yourself caught in the internal conflicts as the slowly fall into the pieces.

We all love stepping into shoes of the savior superhero and stand up against the evil. And when it is about the evil nothing matches the mystique of the undead zombies who are just walk on the streets thirsty for blood and looking to convert everyone into them and be the only dominant force out there. A battle between the hero and the heroes has been a subject of a variety of gaming apps but nothing beats the magic of Anger Of Stick 5: Zombie.

The Anger Of Stick 5 was designed with the best available graphics in the market marking the gaming experience almost real life like. The game let’s you be responsible for ensuring the survival of the entire race and if you fail then there might be no trace of humanity. Equip yourself with the best equipment from the store and prepare for war. From the right strategy and go through the evil to restore the peace. Being one of the best action game available, The Anger Of Stick 5: Zombie is the fifth edition of an already popular gaming franchise promising you with five times the adventure and thrill. The game takes you to an action filled journey where you are the only hope against the evil zombie. Plan your moves and do everything in your power to stand up against the evil. Gather your team and scare away the mysterious creatures who have entered your town. We will provide you with the basic features and gameplay of the game and then requirements for the downloading the mod apk. Ultimately sharing the download link giving the user an exclusive access to the best working version of the game.

Outstanding Features Of Anger Of Stick 5:Zombie mod apk:

Simple And straightforward Shooter experiences:

The game introduces Android gamers to addictive and straightforward Gameplay with its simple control and intuitive instructions. That being said, you can quickly get the hang if the game through the given tutorials. In addition, you’ll also have access to a series of exciting levels with escalating difficulties. Each time you progress, more And more challenging missions will be waiting for you. Thus, you can slowly hone your skills diving into the addictive Gameplay. Not to mention that the intuitive 2D side scrolling gameplay will allow you to focus completely on the game since your only way is to head forward.

Get help from your fellows:

To assist you in your righteous quest, the game also allows gamers in Anger Of Stick 5 to pick up their reliable helps from 6 different recruit able fighters. These are the great heroes who you can bring along during your challenges. With each of them having their own unique skills and abilities, you can choose the ones that are most effective during battles to bring with. Remember, you can only have 3 fellows following you in each level, so make sure you choose carefully. Make uses of their unique powers and learn the power of teamwork as you defeat the enemies.

Exciting Game Modes:

To allow gamers to enjoy the game to the fullest, Anger Of Stick 5 introduces Android gamers to the exciting RPG game modes. Here, you can feel free to dive into the exciting single player challenges as you discover the stories and the origins of the enemies. Or if you prefer the endless challenges where you can put your skills and abilities to test, then the exciting Zombie mode is always ready for you to enjoy.

Various Events and achievements:

And for those who are interested, the game also features a variety of different events and achievements for gamers to complete. Find yourself taking on the awesome challenges and win against your opponents to unlock the unique rewards that can’t be found anywhere else. Feel free to take on the epic challenges and earn your bragging rights.

Free to play:

And despite all the amazing features in the game, Anger Of Stick 5 is still currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy.

Enjoy Unlimited money with our mod:

If you are not satisfied with your adventure in Anger Of Stick 5, you might want to take on the fully unlocked Gameplay with our mod.

Just download the Anger Of Stick 5:Zombies mod apk from our website. Follow the given instructions so you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices. Feel free to enjoy the unlimited money and removed ads with this amazing game, now that you have it completely under your controls.

Installation process:

  • Click on the download button to start downloading.
  • Wait for it. After that go to your download folder and open the downloaded file.
  • Now open it and there will be an install button, click on it.
  • After the installation completion, you will find the icon of Anger Of Stick 5 mod apk on your homepage.
  • Open it and enjoy playing.

Overview Information:

  • Name: Anger Of Stick 5:Zombie mod apk
  • Developer: J-PARK
  • Version: 1.16
  • Size: 8Mbs
  • Operating System: Android 2.3 and above
  • Mod Features: Unlimited money, free
  • No root needed
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • No ads
  • Free to play
  • SSL encryption on application
  • Best graphics and sound quality
  • Weapons are too expensive

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) :

Is this apk file is for free?

Yes, this version is free of cost. You can get unlimited money and diamonds from this apk file.

Who are the developers of this game?

J-PARK are the developers of this game.


This game gives you the chance where you get to do everything in your power to eliminate the Zombies and restore peace. The advantage by choosing the mod apk over the basic version comes I the firm of unlimited money which will allow to make endless purchases from the store without bothering about the cost enabling you to buy the best equipment and increases your chances of winning and becoming the best player out there. All this makes the modified version a better choice.

What's new

1.Bug fixed
2.Halloween background replacement



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