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Ever dreamed of owning your own business? Being the master of your own destiny? Becoming a capitalist tycoon? Do you just dream about money, money and MONEY, even when you sleep? Then AdVenture Capitalist is the idle clicker for you!
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November 1, 2021
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Many people who love economic activities will love to play Adventure Capitalist, as this game involves many activities and tasks that involve business mindset and economic dealings. Those who want and dream to do a profitable business must play this game that will help you in becoming billionaire in very short time. In this game you always will be in search of new resources to boost the economy of your enterprise. So Adventure Capitalist Mod Apk will provide you unlimited gold and money so that your dream of becoming a billionaire becomes easy to accomplish in a short time.

How can I become rich in a short time?

You will be thinking that how someone can make big amounts of money when having a little number of dollars at the start of the game. The answer is; you; you will do business with this money and invest in different sectors that could be cultivating raw materials and their sale after harvesting, it can be a process of value addition to the raw material to increase the worth of your product. So don’t be worried everything is very simple to do, if you don’t know how to play and manage the money, then it would be good for you to know that everything is self- service based on your requirements. You just need to click on the icons on the screen and select in which category you are investing, the investment funds of the player are saved automatically in the game and it is up to you then how and when to invest.

There a huge number of products that include fruit, fast food, drinks and anything can be the source of raw materials for which you will do exploration to find them and to do economic activity. So you can prepare more different things so that companies can make more items but also earn more money. So you will also do recruitment of the managing staff to achieve your targets and to have a successful company. So there would be a range of managers who are specialized in different skills so you will select with your choice. And you also pay them in large amounts of money as you cannot imagine the money they will fetch you.

Information about the game

Basically this is an idle game and its genre is simulation, and a good example of business and economic activities simulations. Here you will see that how you become a billionaire when you have just a lemon store at the start, hence nothing is impossible in this game. The Android version of Adventure Capitalist was first released in 2014 and versions for iOS, Windows and Linux were released later on.

Name of the App Adventure Capitalist Mod Apk
Published By Kongregate
Category Simulation
Version of the game 8.5.2
Size of the App 79 MB
Mod Features Everything Unlimited
Requirement Android 5.0
License Free


It is the best example of an idle game this game will take you from the start at a journey where you do a lot of economic activities and flourish your own business empire. You will work and do efforts to earn profits and then you will invest in other businesses so that you will be in a continuous progress. So you will take care of you Business Empire and cash the opportunities that come to you for expanding you business income more. This game is highly engaging and it will keep you busy in making lot of money and to boost your business.

The players having money can make multinational company, can buy land or even they can buy companies to get them merged in their parent company. This game also lets you in upgrading and improving your products to increase sales and increase the stock prices. The interesting thing is that you can even invest on other planets other than earth. When you cross a threshold of 1 trillion of earning then you will be allowed to invest on Mars and Jupiter.

It is not mandatory that you have to be in the game to earn profit; you can earn profit even when you are offline. This can be done after hiring your managers to manage your business so they will keep working and making money for you in your absence in the game. So whenever you come back to the game you will get earned money so this makes easier for you to become billionaire very soon.

Features of Adventure Capitalist

Graphics and background music

This game has 2D graphics and that are very simple and attractive. The music that is used in background in the game is very nice and entertaining and will never let you bored and it is according to the taste of the successful business specialists so it will increase your interest. The appearance and stature of the characters is great and eye catching and the contrasting colors have been used perfectly.

Simple user interface

The user interface of the game is very simple and it allows new comers to become used to it very easily and in no time. So the interface helps the users to start earning the money at very start of the game.

Hiring the employees

The companies that have good decentralization and have strict system of working with specified procedures are very successful. So your company should follow this rule for earning bulk of money quickly. As the number of stores you have increases, it will become difficult to manage all of them alone, so here you will need to hire some skilled employees and managers. So these employees will be responsible of their jobs allotted to them.

So when you will be offline your employees will keep on working and so whenever you come back to the game you will get the money without doing anything. So enjoy the feeling of getting the largest chain of stores on the earth with a bank balance of billions of dollars.  The more talented employees you hire the more you will pay to them and even more earning they will give you in return.

Investing and earning profits

You will not be limited in selling lemons on your lemon shop you can also open store for selling food and drinks like pizza, wine, KFC etc… you will not be limited only to the earth, when you get successful in earning more than one trillion then you will be able to start your business at the Mars and Jupiter.

As the products in raw form will earn you lesser money as compared to some finished products that have gone through a value addition process. Using proper advertising and marketing tricks you can increase your sale and in return your profit.

Earn money all the time

This is not mandatory for earning that you remain all the time present in the game, you can get money even when you are offline. As you employees are busy in working and earning profit for you, so your account will remain moving even when you are doing nothing.

Take your business out of the earth

When you cross a specific target of earning then you can boost your business more by taking it beyond the limits of earth. When you complete earnings of 1 trillion dollars then you will be capable to invest in Mars and Jupiter. So this feature is very interesting and will engage you more in this game.

Features of the Mod version of Adventure Capitalist

Unlimited money

This feature is not present in the original version of the game; this is only available in Mod version, so you can get here unlimited money. You can take this by going into the Shop >> choose to buy any financial package in Boosts. And you can buy them all completely free.

How to download and install Adventure Capitalist Mod Apk

It is very simple to free download Adventure Capitalist Mod Apk latest version from this site. Follow the following steps;

  • You just need to click on the following link and start downloading the app.
  • When the downloading is complete then go to download folder and click on the downloaded Apk file and start installation.
  • You will be asked during installation to allow third party to make changes. You can do this by going into the settings of you mobile and allow third party to make changes in your mobile.
  • Now wait for the completion of the installation.
  • When it is complete then open the game and enjoy the gameplay.

Final Verdict

This is a great business simulation game that will keep you busy for long periods of time in the economic activities. So you will find yourself immersed in the gameplay of this amazing and highly engaging game. You will not be only restricted to the markets on the earth even you can invest in the markets beyond the earth. After achieving an earning threshold you will be able to invest on mars and Jupiter. So enjoy the astonishing playing experience and keep earning lots of money.

What's new

Greetings Capitalists!

We know time is money, so this update is short and sweet!

- TIKTOK! Access the latest AdVenture Capitalist content on TikTok through the game and dance, stream and influence your way to more riches!
- TINKER! Continued bug fixes and optimizations!

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